Dividend Payment

What is SCB's policy on dividend payment?
When the dividends will be paid by SCB?
Does SCB pay interim dividends and if that is the case, at which rate?
What was the ratios of dividend payment during the past 5 years?
How SCB pays dividends to shareholders?
What are the advantages of dividend payment by transferring to shareholders' designated bank accounts?
Are dividends paid by SCB entitled to tax credit?
What is the policy for dividend payment of SCB’s subsidiaries?

Shareholder's Meeting

When does SCB hold its annual general meeting of shareholders?
If shareholders are not able to attend the general shareholders meeting, how can they preserve their rights?
How to proceed if the shareholders have not received the documents for the general shareholders meeting?

SCB Shares

What types of SCB’s shares?
What is the difference between SCB’s ordinary shares and preferred shares?
After the preferential rights of SCB’s preferred shares expired (i.e., since 10 May 2009), what will happen if a preferred shareholder does not apply for conversion of his/her preferred shares into ordinary shares?
Please provide the details and procedures for conversion of preferred shares into ordinary shares?

Services for Shareholders

The registrar of shares of SCB
The services provided by TSD
Where can the shareholders obtain application forms to be used for requesting for services of TSD?

Foreign Shareholding Limit

What is the percentage of foreign shareholding limit for SCB’s shares?