Let’s know Alpha Gen where technology is DNA

When talking about generations, many of you have probably heard the story and are very familiar with Gen Z. What is the next generation after Gen Z? The youngest and newest generation in the world is Alpha Generation or simply called Alpha Gen itself.

Alpha Gen is a child born between 2010 and 2024 or 2010-2667. When compared to Gen Z, who had just graduated and entered the early working age, the oldest generation of Gen Alpha is still in its infancy (as of 2021). Gen Alpha is the offspring of Gen Y, who are often older parents, having little ones, therefore those children are wealthy without having to struggle as much as other models. They experience digital devices and technology since birth. They study a lot, study for a long time and have a variety live in a capitalist society. Therefore, they tend to be materialistic people accustomed to change, easily bored, has low patience. This young generation only knows a society with technology. Born in an era of competition until some offices call this child alpha generation The iPad Generation. They learn and use technology almost from birth and grew up with the skills to use technology effectively. This generation has an average internet usage rate of 47.4% per day and has a tendency to increase steadily which encourages children of this age to be a group of people who will have great potential in the future It's a genius who can use technology smarter. They accept and understand the difference. because he grew up in a world without borders Including being a generation that started to have the same culture as together all over the world. In addition, they are also able to adapt to various changes well because they were born in an era where the world changes very quickly.

Society must be prepared and use the potential of this new generation to understand their nature. Alpha Gen children use technology to work best and are much more agile than other generations. Because they were born in the age of perfect digital. Moreover, this generation will have a low concentration on things that they are not interested in. But they will concentrate highly on technology as well as having good data acquisition and data analysis skills. And this generation will be able to create new innovations better than other gens in the past because he was born in an era where innovation is easy for everyone, all genders and ages


Types of careers that Alpha Gen people are interested in are as follow;

1. Content creation, including writing, making videos for various channels which can generate a lot of income. But it depends on their skills and creativity, such as being a YouTuber /blogger/ vlogger etc. This is a space where they can express themselves in a unique way. It is a platform to release energy and creativity as well as their opinions on the world and society. They can also make money from their own preferences.

2. Gamers, e-sport and game casters, Games will be a career that grows and can earn a lot of money. From being a gamer or a caster game to a gamer like e-sport.


3. Startups, this young generation has a desire to be successful at an early age. They love independent life as their own boss rather than an employee. Having a business of their own can fully meet their needs. Both freedom in life and also have the opportunity to make a huge income.

4. IT & Data Professionals, both now and in the future, IT technologies such as Big Data, AI, various applications. It is the driving force of the world and will play an even greater role than in today's era. This line of work is therefore more in demand in the future and can generate huge income.


5. Social Creator, this generation will live according to their own preferences and needs. Because they have both full knowledge and ability. At the same time, there is interest in wanting to be a part of creating a better world. Therefore, there is a tendency for this generation to turn to work to solve social problems, environment and volunteer work to help people such as social innovation developers to drive change both nationally and globally

Parenting in the digital age or the generation of alpha generation children, the way of parenting and the role of parents must change to keep up with the changes. As fathers and mothers in the new era, what you can do is “believe what your child loves for the future that you like” and fully support them. Each child's aptitude is different. Therefore, it is first and foremost important for parents to know that our children have preferences. What are the highlights? Then to extract the potential that exists in the child. Take out to promote expertise and build on to success happily in the future Prepare financially to support them today by investing in their future scholarships. SCB offers a wide range of investment products to meet your goals and risk appetite. Learn more at https://www.scb.co.th/en/personal-banking/investment.html