Youth Development and Education

Developing the moral character and academic potential of youth during each stage of their lives will establish a human foundation to help our economy and society flourish.

Youth are a pillar of the nation and its future. Development of their capabilities will enhance the nation's economic and social welfare. Siam Commercial Bank is committed to youth development and education programs, to serve as a major force in helping young people grow.


The youth development projects of Siam Commercial Bank and Siam Commercial Foundation focus on using knowledge and skills to help develop local communities and the nation. The projects aim to help youth build character, to work for the public interest instead of personal advantage, and learn to adapt to change creatively. This means developing both intellectual capacity and good citizenship. Some projects provide opportunities for youth who are willing to study but who lack the resources to continue their schooling to the next level. We encourage Bank volunteers to participate in school development activities and in the promotion of financial literacy and savings discipline.


Siam Commercial Bank also cooperates with educational institutions, foundations and charitable organizations to continuously pursue activities that benefit youth development. This will contribute to the success of each of the projects, which aim to create a better future for the nation together. Examples including support of the Sufficiency Economy schools under the Foundation of Virtuous Youth, supporting learning media for schools near Bank branches, supporting the Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music and the Faculty of Music, Silpakorn University, which are two schools where youth can advance their talents in classical music to international standards.