Scholarships from Siam Commercial Bank

Siam Commercial Bank has been offering scholarships to youth since 1973. The Bank's branch network has served as a channel to coordinate with schools and universities in each area nationwide to select students who are willing to study but lack funds to continue their education until attaining a bachelor's degree.  Each year, the Bank offers support, totaling 430 scholarships, as follows:


• Sufficiency Economy Scholarship to support the Foundation of Virtuous Youth

SCB joined hands with the Foundation of Virtuous Youth to support the Sufficiency Economy Scholarship Program for students who have completed their sixth year of secondary school from schools that are learning centers that teach the philosophy of the Sufficiency Economy. Students get the opportunity to pursue a bachelor's degree on full scholarship. After graduation, each student is expected to return to his or her community to pursue work that will benef society and the nation.


• Scholarships for Students at Border Patrol Police Schools

SCB, together with the Border Patrol Police Headquarters, provide scholarships to students who have graduated from the 6th grade at border police schools, which are located in remote areas. Since 2006, these students have been offered opportunities to continue their education at the secondary school level through the bachelor's degree level.


Other scholarships include grants for university students from districts near SCB branches.