Siam Commercial Foundation

Siam Commercial Bank established the Siam Commercial Foundation on May 25, 1995 to run the Bank’s social development activities. At the beginning, the Foundation played a role in supporting education, arts and culture, as well as conservation of natural resources and the environment.  


Recognizing the importance of youth development in supporting the nation's advancement, the Bank in 2008 assigned Siam Commercial Foundation as its lead agency to implement related activities and projects.



The Foundation has played a role in fostering infrastructure for youth development in Thai society to achieve faster and stronger results in the long run. The goal is to develop youth to attain excellence and a strong sense of citizenship, volunteerism and potential to be useful to themselves and society, which we describe as becoming an "active citizen."  The Foundation works with various people involved in helping kids.  There are five main groups:


1) Teachers

2) Parents, community leaders and local leaders (local administrative organizations)

3) NGOs

4) Government agencies

5) Youth leaders


The Foundation will help these groups to develop stronger skills as trainers and coaches and to become successful change agents in implementing youth development in their own local contexts. The Foundation also supports efforts to share development lessons learned, to communicate development project results to society, and to link organizations with each other in order to expand development benefits and increase their usefulness.  


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