Leadership for Sustainable Education Development (CONNEXT ED)

Siam Commercial Bank joined with 12 private sector organizations to collaborate on public education, basic education and leadership development in the Leadership Program for Sustainable Education (CONNEXT ED). It aims to promote and raise the standards of basic education and leadership development, to increase the competitiveness of society, and to reduce social inequality using sustainable education as the basis of national development.


The project is a powerful force for development of systematic education in the country. Senior executives from 12 private enterprises serve as school sponsors or as primary sponsors, providing strategic counseling and budgeting through Bank volunteers.  Each volunteer works as a school partner to support and coordinate each school's development with school directors under a public-private collaborative project. The first phase of the project, during 2016-2017, included 3,342 public schools. It is expanding to 7,424 schools in all districts nationwide within three years (end of 2018).


The 12 private enterprises that are co-founders of CONNEXT ED are: 

1. True Corporation Plc.

2. Siam Commercial Bank Plc.

3. Bangkok Bank Plc.

4. Siam Cement Plc.

5. PTT Plc.

6. Thai Beverage Plc.


7. Mitrphol Sugar Co., Ltd.

8. Thai Union Frozen Products Plc.

9. Central Group Co., Ltd.

10. Berli Jucker Plc.

11. Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc.

12. CP All Public Company Limited 


In the project's first phase, Siam Commercial Bank supported 30 volunteer employees to join the project as school partners. They worked with Siam Commercial Foundation to oversee 50 schools via  public-private collaborative projects in 29 provinces across the country. The goal is to develop the working style and leadership of each Bank employee who volunteers to be a school partner. The project develops and supports the development of schools to raise the quality of education through the enhancement of teachers’ ability to help students advance their intellect and their characteristics as "good citizens." This will enhance the development of teaching and learning by both teachers and students in a sustainable way.