Keep the germs away

While some of us are working from home these days, many have to go out to work, run errands, buy groceries, or perform other tasks.  We may not realize it, but the places we visit are full of germs that we can pick up when we touch objects or surfaces.  This can turn us into disease carriers bringing deadly germs back to our family members, which can be especially dangerous to families with small children or grandparents.  We need to be careful, so we would like to share some useful tips about how to avoid spreading germs, especially during the current pandemic and during the flu season. 


1. Wash your hands as soon as you get home

It is a good idea to place a bottle of hand sanitizer at your front door to prevent the spread of germs after touching the doorknob.  Alternatively,  we can carry wet tissues for wiping our hands before and after touching doorknobs or leave soap outside the house for washing our hands.  When washing your hands, you should rub your hands and fingers together thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, equivalent to singing two rounds of the Happy Birthday song.

2. Take your shoes off outside the house

Do not enter your house with your shoes on.  You should find a place to keep your shoes outside the house and should not change your shoes often to reduce the risk of having your many shoes exposed to germs.  

3. Bags and outdoor equipment: Bags and outdoor equipment

Find a storage box to keep your bags and other outdoor equipment outside the house.  Before storing them, you should clean them with disinfectant or alcohol and let them dry.  

4.  Face masks

Take off your face mask before entering your house and dispose of it in a separate bin to reduce the risk of infection.  Fabric masks should be taken off, washed, and hung out to dry in the open air.   

5.  Outerwear and hats


Take off your outerwear before entering your house and put it in a plastic bag for washing or hang it out in the open air.  It should be washed before bringing it into the house.

ุ6. Take a shower and wash your hair

As soon as enter your house, go straight to the bathroom, wash your hands, take a shower, and wash your hair.  Your clothes should be kept separately and washed immediately. 

7. Cell phones, glasses, and wallets

Use wet wipes, alcohol, or disinfectant to wipe your gadgets clean as soon as you get home. 


8.  Family members and pets

Try to stay at least two meters apart when meeting other people or pets in your home if you haven't washed your hands and washed your body.

9.  Clean all coins and banknotes

Wash all coins thoroughly with hand soap or dish soap and put them in the sun to dry.  Wipe banknotes with alcohol or disinfectant them one by one and put them in the sun to dry.  We strongly advise you to switch to using the SCB Easy App to reduce the risk of infection from handling cash.

It is also important that you wear a face mask every time you go out, maintain a distance of at least two meters away from others, carry hand sanitizer, and wash your hands frequently. This will also help reduce spreading germs to your loved ones.


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