Top up your knowledge anytime, anywhere with 5 top online learning resources

“Knowledge is endless to learn” When stepping into the world of work, the world of competition, a world that must constantly adapt in order to continue. A world in which everything runs so fast that it almost can't keep up. Made many people realize that life can never stop learning.

The knowledge that we learned from the university is probably the hottest, most effective as of that day. But as of today, it may become old-fashioned. New technology came through and gone very quickly and we must be sensitive as well. To return to school or going to an institution to study again and again, probably not the solution. Because today we can update new knowledge with world-class teachers anywhere, anytime, at a price that is almost free! Today, we will introduce A +++ online learning resources that compile good courses, cool subjects covering almost every subject both careers and interests as tens hundred thousand courses. You can choose to study according to your interests, wherever, whenever, according to your lifestyle and interests.

LinkedIn Learning (
Limitless learning, limitless possibilities, an online learning source famous for teaching how to use software and various computer skills. Now integrated with LinkedIn and renamed to LinkedIn Learning. There are thousands of excellent teachers, high-quality teaching materials. Have exercises to do and there are document files to download. I can also talk to an instructor or classmate to ask questions or exchange knowledge too. LinkedIn Learning has thousands of courses to choose from. I can choose to study separately as courses that are of interest or can study as a long program called Learning Path to gain intensive knowledge. Some Learning Path courses are also certificate programs that can be used to work or help with finding a job. Learning Path is divided by subject areas such as 3D + ANIMATION, AUDIO + MUSIC, BUSINESS, CAD, DESIGN, DEVELOPER, EDUCATION +. ELEARNING, MARKETING, PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO, WEB, etc.

Examples of popular Learning Path courses include Become a digital marketer, become a front-end web developer, become a music producer, become a project manager and Become a business analysis.

There is also an option to study offline as well. If we do not have the internet. And by becoming the same platform as LinkedIn, if you already have a LinkedIn Profile, after completing each subject you can add the skills you gained from that course to our Profile, which can increase your job search opportunities.

Price: Many courses can be studied for free. And normally have about 24 new courses for free. The membership fee to study unlimited courses is $ 25 / month. Free trial for 1 month.

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edX Accelerate your future. Learning anytime, anywhere.

The opportunity to study with professors from top universities in the world like MIT, Harvard or Berkeley is at your fingertips. At edX, you can study courses such as Project Management, Data Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Humanity, and TOEFL preparation. And language courses from English, Spanish to Chinese. Including certificates and master's programs, Each subject will have exercises, case studies for learners to truly understand the content.

Price: Single course mostly free lessons. For long courses, prices will vary. Starting from about $ 50

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Learn it. Do it.

Websites that include various courses more than a hundred thousand courses in the world. Choose to study anywhere, anytime, whether it be courses in business, IT, technology, marketing, finance, soft skills, and the arts. And can also ask for advice to arrange a specific course that is appropriate for each student as well such as photography, design, and music, as well as lifestyle-related content such as health, beauty, or tourism. There are plenty to choose from. And can also ask for advice to arrange a specific course that is appropriate for each student as well.
ตัวอย่างหลักสูตร best seller เช่น The Complete Digital Marketing Course- 12 Courses in 1 หลักสูตร 23 ชั่วโมง, The Business Intelligence Analyst Course Examples of best-seller courses such as The Complete Digital Marketing Course- 12 Courses in 1, 23 hours of courses, The Business Intelligence Analyst Course, 18 hours of course, both of which are unbelievably cheap, only 300 baht, including documents for download and certificates.

Price: Free courses are very few. Each course price is different. Which is around 300 baht

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Classes to Spark Your Creativity

It is famous for various art courses. Such as art, graphic design, design, photography, and video production. But there are also other quality courses, for example, in business, technology, and lifestyle, totaling over 28,000 subjects. Many subjects, just reading the topic, would like to study as well as being free to study. Such as Digital Illustration: Learn to Use Procreate, Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design, Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs, Creating Art that Sells: A Working Artist's Guide, THE ART & SCIENCE OF DRAWING, Typography That Works: Typographic Composition and Fonts, How to VLOG - Complete Beginners Guide, Knife Skills: A Mini Class to Chop Like a Chef, From Plant to Cup: Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee

Price: Free courses the membership fee for unlimited courses is $ 15 / month. If applied annually, the average is $ 8.25 per month. Free 1-month trial.

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Khan Academy
To provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization. Beginning with making videos to teach difficult and boring subjects like math or physics. Make it easier to understand and more fun. Here the emphasis is on the disciplines taught at the American institution, which is to focus on the students and teachers who teach at the school. By focusing at grades 1-8 or equivalent to elementary school levels to the secondary school level of Thailand. There are many programs taught, such as mathematics, science, social sciences, and linguistics. Which both teachers and students can use to supplement classroom study or substitute classroom learning as well.

Although it mainly focuses on academic matters, Khan offers general courses such as computers, finance, economy, business and exam preparation courses such as GRE. Therefore, it is another source of knowledge that can be learned and covered. Both children and adults.

Price: Free but can donate to support the project

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Don't let your life stumble because you stop learning. When technology helps us to access knowledge sources easily, at an affordable price like this. Investment in education is the most worthwhile investment in money and time as it can enhance our intellectual weapons.

But don't be disheartened from the beginning that all the recommended websites are taught in English. Because of working life and the business world today, it is inevitable that English language usage. Update your knowledge and practice of English in the form of no one coming to nagging this best. Don't wait until tomorrow, go explore and choose a good course that is right for you.