Detain at home with children to be happy ... What should I do?

When parents work from home and their children have holidays or school is closed. We should never go anywhere, so it is a good opportunity to spend time with children at home efficiently, called "stay with our children at our home with activities and good times together.


1. Cooking, creating good skills for life

Invite children to try cooking. The process since selecting that menu We can also insert useful information by discussing the benefits of each type of food. Importantly, parents may have to trust their children to try to handle the kitchen utensils such as knives, butcher knives, but they must be closely monitored. In addition, children still practiced, patiently waiting Because cooking is a time-consuming activity Before preparing the cycads, arranging the table takes time.
And finally, children Learned the value of eating That must be used to obtain each dish So that we won't eat any leftover food. And of course, the food we cook ourselves in this family is clean, hygienic, reliable

2. Do housework, create positive discipline

In children before school We can start by collecting toys when finished. First, if the child refuses Hand in hand, invite children to collect together. Considered as personal chores that need to be held responsible. And if the child starts to grow, we can assign whole household tasks. And the public added, such as folding their own personal belongings and sweeping the house, wiping the dining table Wash dishes for parents. Children get to know their duties, discipline and help others.

3. Reading storybooks/literature to enhance imagination and logic

Books and children are paired together. Because aside from promoting to be children who love to read Can also help refine the mind and create fun too in children who start elementary school, we may try to summarize the message. Or asking for comments Why is this character doing so? Reflect the thoughts after reading Learn to connect logically

4. Invention Creating concentration and creativity

Simple craft Can benefit both concentrations Develop small muscles and the relationship of hands and eyes Such as stringing beads. Attempts to catch beads and tendons together If a child who is about to pass early childhood may try to make a spider web Requires more concentration. Because it was wrapped around his back and front and must also be pulled tight Allow yarn to be arranged in a smooth line. Or if anyone will try sewing, embroidery, fabric, molding or papier-Mache Is a fun activity. Children can also put their imagination and creativity to the fullest These inventions When done Can be used to decorate the house beautiful Create pride for children as well.

5. Play and exercise Add strength to the big muscles

Because the duty of the child is "playing", so play is a very important job for children, but it must be free play, soil, water, sand, mud, climbing, allowing the child to develop a sensory system along with large muscles. Small muscle and learning to share or rules of play too

6. Semester break Reflection-mind

Children who can speak Can tell a story or writing a book. Try inviting your children to write a journal or a weekly journal inviting children to summarize and reflect thoughts Because the most important thing when children Grown up Meaning that knowing nothing is equal to knowing one's self

Finally, although many children must take a longer-term than usual. No summer Parents do not forget about hygiene, habits, eating time, and bedtime should still be consistent, punctual, and all the work that children do. Don't forget to watch children every time too. Watch the model to indicate good behavior. Things that children do, such as "Moms admire me very much, children.