Can be happy even in times of crisis, even with COVID, the mind is not broken

Right now, there isn't anything as hot as COVID-19, which is called the talk of the world because the spread escalated throughout the world. Some cities are closed, public events canceled, shops are quiet, business stagnation to the point of disruption. Because foreign tourists also disappeared, consumers in the country are afraid that they will become ill and stop eating out, not hang out, not go out to shop in the mall to spend as usual. Every time heard coughing and sneezing got panic. Both the working people who must change the way they work and the businessmen are stressful. Most importantly, no one knows when the situation will end. How long will it take?

When unable to do much in this situation but what everyone can do is change the mind and adjust your attitude to be happy even in times of crisis. Today we have techniques to help you to be happy under stress situations like this.


1. Receive news as necessary

Receiving too much news can cause panic and increase stress. Determine how long it will take to receive news about COVID each day and not be exposed to more news.

2. Think about the difficult times in the past that we have been through

Whether during the economic downturn like the Tom Yam Kung crisis or the Great Flood of 2011 that we were strong and able to overcome bad events during that time. This event will also pass us through.

3. Watch comedy movies

which may be funny movies or cute cats and dogs’ videos that make us laugh and forget about our worries. Because laughter and smiles will help our mind relax without knowing it.

4. Support stores near home

just go out to eat in a restaurant near the house that is now quiet. Aside from being able to support these stores, it also helps us to relieve the monotony and change the atmosphere a bit.

5. Use more opportunities from free time

Business during this period may be very quiet. View it as an opportunity to give us time to do things that normally we are too busy to do. Such as finding ways to improve the business, read good books, writing, train staff or clean shops or houses.

6. Chat with neighbors and encourage each other

Most city people may rarely talk to neighbors. At this time, both of us and our neighbors are staying at home more. It is a good opportunity to build awareness and build good relationships with neighbors. In the future, we can help and support each other.

7. Stay with the present and stay the best

Because today is the only day and time that we can change our minds and our hearts. It is the only day that we will do our best to take care of ourselves. Don't worry about the future that has not yet occurred.

8. Review the good things that we did at the end of the day

Come back to review the good things we have done, the achievements that have been achieved, the new things that we have learned. This helps us get rid of negative feelings and thoughts.

The strong mind helps to strengthen the body. And a healthy body will help better resist diseases and viruses. Being anxious and overly preoccupied does not improve anything. But for another level of peace of mind, having health insurance and COVID insurance will give you more peace of mind.