Bathroom improvement for elderly is better to be done now before it is too late

Anyone who is living with an elderly whether father, mother, or grandparents, certainly taking care and giving love is the consistent thing to do. However, another important thing is their daily-usage safety because their health is not as good as when they were young. Especially the bathroom where there is a high risk for accident and a cause of injury. In some cases, death is a result. So, proper toilet improvement is needed to develop a better life quality and safety. No worries for children when they are using the toilet alone. Nonetheless, what should we consider for this toilet improvement?  

Increase the door width to be at least 90 centimeters

เTo increase convenience in case of using wheelchairs. The door should be a sliding door or open-out door in case of any collapse happens, it is easier for helpers to rush in. The doorknob should be a lever that uses less force to open. 

Wet - Dry area separation 

This is an important part because it helps the elderly to easily see and carefully walk. Also, tile color selection should be different between wet and dry areas. There should be a water-preventive curtain or permanent wall to prevent water splash and should not be glass in case any accident happens, broken glasses may cause more injury.  

Outside and inside floor steps should be equal

To prevent floor stumble and easier for wheelchairs movement. Tile slipping-prevention selection with anti-slipping rubber should be settled in some areas such as basins, toilets, and wet-dry connection areas to increase elderly walking confidence because the rubber helps increase friction between feet and floor.  

Universal design toilet installation

  • Shower should be a water pressure level adjustable version for everyone's satisfaction. The open-close valve should be a long lever to use less force. Moreover, a chair for showering is needed to prevent collapse when bowing. The chair height should be 45 - 50 centimeters with anti-slipping rubber at the chair legs or cement wall-chair with plastic cover is also a good idea.  
  • Basins height should be 70 - 80 centimeters with a round-shaped corner to prevent bumping injury. In the case of using wheelchairs, a proper basin shape is needed also, the water tap should be a lever for easier open and close.  
  • Toilet height should be 43 - 45 centimeters from the floor for convenient sit and get up. The flushing point should also be a lever that is using less force than a pushing one. The bidet shower should be set aside for easily picking up and movement injury reduction.

Toilet support installation at the high-risk point

Regarding most elderly is having a balance problem; supporter installation will help them to easily get up and while walking. This reduces accident occurrence rate. The high-risk points are next to the toilet, basin, and shower. 

Brighten the toilet 

Elderly vision is not as good as young, so enough brightness is needed to increase visionary performance to reduce a chance of stumble or falling. If possible, an automatic light sensor to decrease their forgetfulness from turning off the light before leaving is another good idea.

Toilet improvement is an important thing that children should not overlook. The sooner the improvement, the better the safety of our beloved one. Because we do not know what will happen, so safety first is needed.