Change the perspective of life amid the Crisis COVID-19

Right now, many people are apprehensive about the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The question that arises in their heads is inevitable. "Will we be infected with this disease" or "Have we already caught it?" The more stressed the thought More must come to lack of income as well Even more worried, but there are always opportunities for every crisis. Let's try to find the beauty of this disaster. Try to think positively, looking at the world beautifully, in order to draw good things. Come to life Let me give an example of a good perspective. Caused by this situation Not sure if we might find an opportunity. Or a good channel from this crisis is possible


Originally the government and various banks Launching various campaigns to encourage consumers to change their behavior into a cashless society but not as effective as the money invested Which most people still feel that Is not necessary Using cash is convenient and easy. Why change? But when a COVID-19 crisis occurs, we must admit that banknotes and coins Are a collection of germs that are very close to us and difficult to avoid Today, many people are turning to use more paid products. To avoid contact with cash and pathogens directly. The store also has to deal with the situation in a timely manner by bringing the QR Code back out. Convenience for customers and for the safety of both buyers and sellers themselves When consumers are forced to become familiar with usage After the disease disappeared, the convenience and familiarity will make Thailand into a truly cashless society.

According to government policies that want to prevent the spread of the virus by ordering to close the mall and other risk areas Ready to encourage people to stay in the house. Therefore it is a good opportunity for merchants to be able to build credibility And called for confidence in cleanliness Aseptic By closing the cleaning shop Kill various germs Regardless of whether customers are infected or come from high-risk countries, whether or not they are using the service

Many normal businesses can live with the storefront. Now turning to study, learn and develop ways to sell more products online. Consumers themselves have adapted. And learn to use until familiar as for the delivery business, it has also become more active in society. Until being able to be a way to generate income for many unemployed

After the shortage of medical masks And alcohol gels Which was necessary during this crisis Causing many people to have the idea of a fabric mask And gel to wash hands out as well as show kindness to distribute to the needy Or some people sell, make income for the family Which even international famous brands have a mask fashion design that is of wide interest.

Online, there are pictures of devices Including proposing new ways of thinking To be used to cope with virus infection, such as front hoods, head-to-toe coats, anti-infection boards for taxi drivers, And many more ideas that are constantly rising during this crisis

The subject of high-tech technology is widely seen in this period. Both being used to supplement surveillance and patient care measures, ranging from thermocouples and temperature monitors to prevent risk groups from entering the area. Using robots to take care of patients for real people Using the tracking application Or taking a travel journal in order to be informed of the movement That the infection has a chance to spread anywhere Using drones to send medical supplies Or patrol and check the orderliness

For banking business and insurance business Came up with ideas to help customers Think of insurance products to cover COVID-19 infection in order to give peace of mind to people. Which immediately opened for sale, received a lot of attention Until becoming a necessity in this era to the point of having a question when meeting someone you know, "Do you have COVID-19 insurance?"

In addition to the above, We can still see other opportunities. To further extend from this crisis such as the production of food to enhance the immune system in the society. Using the opportunity to create a good image for the organization. Or even keeping yourself in the house and spending more time with your family

Ultimately, the COVID-19 virus crisis will help us protect ourselves from disease and illness. Also helps us discover that in this society there are people who sacrifice for the common And have a lot of social responsibility Also makes us realize the importance of beloved people around Seeing concerns that may have never been shown before And still see the value of living together under the negligence of this crisis Send encouragement for everyone to survive and be safe from COVID-19. Come back to normal life sooner.