10 activities to solve boredom during Social Distancing

At a time when everyone must work together to keep a social distancing to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, of course, people who are accustomed to going out to do activities. Whether going to work, study, shopping, eat, movies, listen to music, meet friends, go to fitness, and many other activities. Causing uncomfortable being at home. Even wanting to go out but still fear. The more you follow the news at home, the more stress increases. To help reduce boredom, stress, anxiety, recommend 10 activities to do when you must stay at home for a long time. That is not an activity, just watch movies, listen to music, play online games but are activities that prevent the need to think about the crisis, reduce embarrassment, and benefit yourself.


1. Online learning

In an age where the world spins, almost turning the palm. Lifelong learning is something that everyone should constantly improve their skills. During this period, it is time to develop your knowledge, enhance your skills. There are many online courses available. Whether it is language, graphics, video editing, photography, art, Data Science, Design Thinking, Python, online learning is a good choice currently to improve your potential. In order to prepare to get back to work at the office even better

2 .Content creator

In truth, all of us have various abilities. Depending on what part you want to show especially in this era can turn yourself into an admin page or open a channel online easily. But most often say that there is no time Now is the perfect opportunity to own a page or channel. Which can present any content as you like, such as exercise, cooking, traveling, health, beauty, pets, needlework, etc., to open a page or channel, in addition to telling good stories Out to others If there are enough followers It can be an extra income from promoting products on the page or channel too.

3. Learn to cook food or dessert

Most people today go out to eat or buy back to eat at home. So rarely cook or can't do it. This time will try to learn to cook some food that may choose from a simple menu or favorite menu. There are many food recipes to find on the internet. If mastered, then develop skills, try to learn to make difficult menus. Cooking, aside from being able to select good quality ingredients, can also be assured of cleanliness and safety without contaminations. Importantly, activities that help reduce stress. Distracting attention from various chaos as well

4. Craft

Many people have skills in needlework. Try to find crafts to learn to do. In addition to enjoying the work, you love may still find additional income from these jobs as well. Especially during this period, the scarce mask is lacking, try to practice using it for your own use or can donate to someone who doesn't have. If expertise may be made to sell online. You can find additional income from home. It can be said that a single shot can take many birds.

5. Read books that have been bought for a long time.

Have you ever been to a book fair and bought many homes? But didn't open it once. At this opportunity, it's time to pick up the book and read it as much as you want. Reading helps to relax. Reducing stress and concentrating on one thing better. And helps stimulate brain function Helps to improve memory, prevent Alzheimer's disease. While also helping to improve communication skills which are important in work and daily life

6. Big house cleaning day

Yes, there is nothing better at home than cleaning the house. Sweep and wipe parts of the house to be clean and free from germs. Everything that is messy than organized. Anything that is not used or more than necessary, then put in a box to prepare to donate. Especially your clothes, girls try organizing your closet and you will see that there are many outfits that you don't really wear. Hurry up and collect them to donate at the Mirror Foundation or Suan Kaew Temple.

7. Grow vegetables

While living at home dried food, rice, canned fish, instant noodles still enough to stock up for a long time but the vegetables for a few days had already withered. Growing vegetables that are easy to grow. Fast productivity, not much space is a good solution during the crisis. Also, get fresh vegetables that are non-toxic to eat. Vegetables that should be grown, such as bean sprouts, morning glory, sunflower sprouts, basil, and other salads, are another activity that helps to get rid of boredom and is considered to create a storehouse of fresh vegetables at our own home.

8. Exercise

What better way to gain physical strength during the epidemic? Cannot go outside to find a trainer Just open YouTube, there are many channels to choose from, exercise as you like. Research has shown that exercise provides many good results. Both make a good mood. The body is strong, sleeps well, the lungs are strong, and helps to boost the immune system. It can be said that it helps to reduce boredom, stress, and prevent COVID-19.

9. Pamper the body

When staying home for a long time trying to look after your body and skin. Especially women who must work outside every day, rarely have time to take care of your skin. Resulting in deteriorated skin, looking older, dull, dark skin, freckles, dark spots. Try this opportunity to pamper your body. With a long shower, skincare, scrub, mask, facial mask, hair spa, skin spa, nail spa for yourself Let's do it in this spare time to relax the body and mind. While also helping to enhance beauty boost confidence from head to toe

10. Conscious meditation helps reduce stress

During a COVID-19 situation that doesn't know when it will end and receiving large amounts of information may cause anxiety, causing stress within the mind. Meditation will calm our minds with the present, not worrying about the past and the future. Causing consciousness to enable intelligence to survive in this situation. Regular meditation also helps the mind to be clear, gentle, relieve stress, reduce anger, improve memory, and brain efficiency. It can be said that it is a time that will bring peace to the mind and eliminate anxiety issues. Go out easily Without having to rely on anyone.

10 recommended activities aside from helping to reduce boredom Stress that has been at home for a long time now. It also benefits both in terms of working capacity development, empowering oneself. Also get a strong body, clear mind, and maybe a new door that opens for future careers Follow these steps to find that Social Distancing is not boring anymore.