Maldives on Solo

The Maldives islands is the ultimate dream destination of travelers from all corners of the world. The calming and peaceful atmosphere of Maldives offers a getaway escape from hectic urban lifestyle. Evidently, more Thais are traveling solo to Maldives to chillout, relax by the sea breeze, dive and swim under the sea. These activities could be enjoyed solo. Without the need for group activities, traveler could be secluded and exclusively alone. The Maldives is a safe destination and offers vary accommodations over a wide range of prices.

Here are several techniques we gathered for you to travel solo in the Maldives in style

Plan Ahead

  • Time Zone” of the Maldives is 2 hours behind Thailand

  • No visa requirement” stay up to 30 days and go through an immigration at ease with a single passport

  • Currency” both Maldivian Rufiyaa and US Dollar are generally accepted. Feel free to exchange US Dollar for the whole trip.

  • Language” English language is commonly used to communicate with tourists.

Air Ticket

There are many direct and indirect flights from Thailand to the Maldives. However, connecting flight might waste your time. For those who want to travel with direct flight should wait for best deals offers from airlines.  For all airlines, Male International Airport at the capital city is the main gateway of Maldives islands. Speedboat and sea plane is generally used for getting around and fares varies by distance.

Photography Equipment

As a solo traveler, bring along a selfie stick or camera tripod to take memorable photos of your own or share with friends.


The high season period of the Maldives starts from November- April of every year. Accommodation price is slightly lowered in April as the beginning of low season from May onward.

Most of the accommodation in Maldives are expensive. To make the most of your trip, your first choice should be a good accommodation where you can get up-close and personal with the clear blue sea from your bedroom door.

Low Season Period

Starts from May – November of every year. This is the time of the year to get the best deal, especially during May- June. Some beautiful resorts in prime location offers beach front room as low as 4,000-8,000THB per night. You might encounter some thunderstorm but don’t worry, instead of light rain shower, Maldives weather have a few outbreaks of heavy rain for half and hour before the sky becomes clear again. A good time management can overcome the weather and enjoy the outdoor activities when the weather is clear and wait it out in the room during heavy rains.

Activities Not to Miss

The spectacular Maldives sea is great for coral reefs diving or Dolphin sightseeing which are becoming rare to see. Maldives offers a full range of sea activities, including single traveler activities such as sea plane sightseeing, canoeing, kayaking or coral reef sightseeing. Never miss the most memorable moment of your trip, try diving into the sea to see coral reefs.

The Maldives trip is truly a chillaxing trip by the beach, your ultimate relaxation. The perk of being a sole traveler was how you enjoy activities of interest to the fullest and at your own pace.  The most important thing of being travelling solo are to be mindful of your surroundings, thoroughly plan ahead, be at ease by purchasing a travel insurance, keep your cash, credit/debit card and passport with you at all times. Keep this in mind and travel safely in style.