Transforming Big Data Creating Value Beyond Experience

Digital Disruption has plunged the traditional business to a great extent. Today's businesses are faced with intense competition with uncompromising challenges. Must fight with players Both the original page and the new page. Both direct and indirect which is a situation that has never appeared before. Kla Tungsuwan CEO Wisesight Thailand Company Limited., top social media analysis company of the country, have shared experiences from collecting statistics, analyzing data in using social media to enable business people to think about the importance of using Big Data with significant significance as follows.

No one can remember the brand. But can remember the experience

In a world where businesses have a logo or logo to be recognized by consumers. But, how many brands will make people recognize the logo? "Does anyone remember this logo? You can't remember, right? If saying that this is the Osaka city seal What do you think people will remember Osaka? Because of badges or experiences. People can remember the experience of eating delicious food. Shopping in Osaka but no one can remember the city logo. " This shows that consumers can remember the experience. This is the thing that most business people care about.

Social media influences the way of life. More than many people think!

In an age when people share both good and bad experiences on the internet. Thailand has a statistic posted on social media to 6,300 million messages, both good and bad. "In the past, when we went to a restaurant if it wasn't delicious, we told the people around us. But now if it is not delicious, then share to tell friends on social media and don't forget that sharing of one person can send messages to another 6,000 people. " Therefore, to take care of the customer experience in modern times must consider every period before, during and after the purchase. Because we have no way of knowing when or where good customer experiences will happen. Importantly, if it's not good, customers will share and tell their friends.

Customer is the center of designing expe

Designing a global corporate experience Is something that businesses should study to be role models. One thing online giant like Amazon has done is based on customers. "What Jeff Bezos uses to design experience is to use the core customer experience and make it into the Future Press Release. By thinking of the simulation that How do customers have good experiences with products and services? If there is a problem, how to fix it? Then bring these things into a written plan as work goals. Then all teams must help each other to make this plan successful.

Influencer is a thought leader.

The consumer experience has changed a lot. In the past, when want to buy we must see and touch it first. But in this era, just looking at the reviews then makes the decision to use or not use the service or buy that product. "According to statistics from social media players in the past 5 years, 2.5 times more searches have been done for reviews. Creating a new career is an influencer, because consumers do not believe the brand but the influencer. 70% of teens believe reviews before doing anything, must check reviews first and 74% of social users Believe the influencer's advice before deciding to do something. "

The special experience of this Gen must be "fast"

The special experience of this Gen must be "fast". Khun Kla said “Today everyone has a mobile phone and a tablet. Want to shop, want to know, just click easily. Gen X people will have patience, endurance, and Gen Y or Gen Z can do what they want. Right now, social media makes people can't wait to wait. In today's world, there is no longer needed to wait. "

Taking care of the customer experience must Sincere-listen-personalize-measurable

If asked what is important for creating a positive experience and confidence for customers in this era. Khun Kla thinks should consist of 4 things that should be done are 1. Authenticity. Do not exaggerate. Do not brag. The truth is important, such as how much the buffet price. What is not included? Tell customers directly Let customers expect and find what they expect - true sincerity.

2. Listen (Listen) Listen to the customers in social media, think about what you like, what problems, in order to truly understand customers. 3. Take care of each customer individually (Personalized) Problems of one person do not happen to everyone. Specific problem solving will help to understand the customer and continue to use it as a lesson for other customers. 4. Measurement, after creating the Experience for customers to measure that Are customers satisfied with the product, service? Come back to use the service or not? How much less noise? Does the profit increase somewhat? Is something that needs to be assessed to create a successful experience. " Using superior strategies, strategies that focus on creating "experience" in products and services that are superior (Beyond Experience) allow businesses to have a standing ready to be one of the minds of consumers in this gen.

Information from: Seminar "Beyond Experience: Turning Experience Turn over business games ", Prachachat Business and Siam Commercial Bank.