New teenage experience at ZAAP PARTY

Talking about the next-generation event organizer, K.Bas (Tepawan Kaninworapan), CEO of ZAAP PARTY, must be on the list. Regarding his fame of more than 600 event organizers both domestic and international. For 7 years that he has earned a lot of good feedback and became the talk of the town from the big single concert such as Single Festival or “Waterzonic”, the famous water EDM concert.

What are they doing at ZAAP PARTY?

“What ZAAP Party does is creating an experience and make every participant happy.” The young 28-years-old CEO said. “I am doing this because I like activity. When I was a junior at the university, there was a flood and I wanted to raise a charity concert to help them. That was the first event.” However, it was not as easy as it seems to be. He lost 900 thousand Baht at that concert. “I had to pay my father for money. I was so stressed at that time, so I went to a bar and found that whenever the singer said, ‘All single person, give me some noise’. Then the shouting feedback was louder than normal. So, I had an idea for a “Single Party”, and the target group is a university student who is looking for love. So, we have to understand human behavior first before creating any attractive event.”

K.Bas mentioned that the failure reason of the first event was he did not understand the customer expectation. So, he has to set a clear goal. Mostly ZAAP PARTY main targeted groups are teenagers and first jobbers. The main point is ZAAP PARTY understands teenager lifestyle, interesting, music and behavior. Therefore, they can create a fun party for teenagers and the average ZAAP staff's age is only 21 - 22 years old.

What if it is not a teenager party, can ZAAP PARTY make it?

They apply this method to create events which is bringing the expert who truly understands and can lead the overall project because they do not know everything. So, they need a person who understands them and knows the customer target group. For example, the northeastern-style song festival which is very successful because K.Bas let the security guard who loves northeastern-style songs helped the team. The main point is finding an expert partner in that category to help them.

Apart from understanding, paying attention to every small detail is also important. Especially the first impression of an event that must be the best to make attendees have a great experience through the event. “For example, how to get over 20,000 attendees to enter the event without any obstacles? Let’s think that if you let them wait for more than 2 hours, how paranoid they will be. Not talking about the rest, this is a bad impression. Moreover, queuing to buy anything in an event should be less than 5 - 10 minutes.” K.Bas said.

How to find a new experience?

However, to find a “new experience” is the hardest topic to create an event. K.Bas told us that “Organizers also want new things for their event whether new sound, new visual, new graphic but it is impossible to find everything new in this world. Everything had been done before. Also, to create a successful event is not only about new things. Everything is new but it is pointless if it does not meet the audience target. It is about the perfect combination of everything. For example, I organized one concert then I brought the famous Chinese food truck from Yaowarat to this event and it was very successful. Also, in Waterzonic event which is a completed blending between many world-famous DJ and Thai highlight that is the water-playing Songkran theme”. Apart from the above list, he has learnt how different each content can make because each local is unique. The same production but different content with the remaining of the fun part will catch new faces.

How to attract teenagers?

For ZAAP PARTY, to understand teenagers is not that hard. “We need to listen to them, talk to them. What do they like? Where do they want to go? What do they eat? And let them try to do what we do such as lead the project, do the presentation then we will get new perspectives.” K.Bas said and finally “Want to know teenagers? Come and talk to us at ZAAP PARTY.”

Reference: The Beyond Experience seminar by Prachachart Newspaper & SCB