Patience and prove your heart - Strive for the right goal

Sirichai Rittiphanyawong, BIW Products Co., Ltd

"If we give up on that day, we will not see the picture today. If we want to do anything to succeed, we must have determination. "This is the attitude of a man who is discreet but with a firm heart. Do not give up easily in the selection that is the best

Stepping out of the price war cycle Because the quality of life of customers is more important

"I have a belief that if we compete at a price, products will no longer be interesting. Because if we will cut the price, the market will cut prices accordingly and ultimately make the products in the market look poor. "So Bom began to see what options would survive and be able to offer better things to consumers.

In the roller blind business that customers see "The curtains are the same thing" so there is high competition with a price war. When the product price is lower, quality would naturally decrease as well. Both safety and materials used. Many people may not know that curtains are materials that directly affect the light, which can cause volatile odors. And this smell may be harmful to residents. As a father Khun Bom thinks that health is very important. Therefore, focus on selecting quality products to sell Is a product with a certificate in terms of safety and must create new innovations to raise the curtain industry in Thailand in terms of safety standards and beautiful designs.

Seek for better things

When wanting to exit the competitive cycle with the price and want to present products that are both beautiful and safe So Khun Bom decided to fly to see the world's best roller blind trade show. To find products that are of high standards and different designs That trip was the starting point for Khun Bom to meet with the Netherlands coulisse brand, which later became a business partner that made BIW a brand new and highly developed image. He described the day he met his first coulisse with the impression that Can instantly feel the different image All employees wear suits to look dignified. And most importantly, the collections, whether the color scheme or the pattern, are outstanding because the coulisse is designed with designers from Christian Dior and HERMES. "We see and we know it is special" as well as the story of Innovation which is different. Have attention to quality Energy-saving and maximum safety. The other part is a great business plan because coulisse sees the whole world as factories and the whole world is Suppliers make purchases in large volumes which have a competitive price.


Khun Bom immediately decided that he wanted to be a partner and bring the roller blinds of coulisse to market in Thailand. Because of belief in the quality of coulisse that will be able to meet the needs of Thai consumers who want stylish products. Therefore, see that this is an opportunity that can be intervened to the market and should be able to meet the interior designer group Bom's next step is to do, coulisse choose to do business with him. But the curtain product at that time didn't have much choice. People still look at functions more. Therefore, see that this is an opportunity that can be intervened in the market and should be able to meet the interior designer group Bom's next step is to do, coulisse choose to do business with him.

When finding the right thing Must be seized

"Meeting with them many times around 10 times a year to waiting for them again and again" Because when confident that the coulisse is good must fight to the end. The couple tried to find time to meet to wait in order to talk to the director. Which must wait many times because that day is the last day of the event. "With the intention that we do, we hoped that he could recognize that we were really determined and know that we were really interested in the product. " Regardless of how long they wait or must fly to meet in many places, whether in China Netherlands or Thailand does not give up. Which at that time had many larger competitors There are more interesting profiles that BIW at that time compared to other competitors considered a small company. But with endurance and determination combined with the attitude of giving importance to brand building in doing business. Finally, the effort that was made for the year was a payoff.

BIW is the only distributor of roller blinds in the Netherlands coulisse of Thailand. And has released a collection that made BIW report the emergence of project and interior design customers. Which is the Royal Blue Rollerblind Collection BIW by coulisse. "That day was very proud, and I wanted to do this to the best and want to bring benefits to the industry as intended. Therefore, strive to not give up "

Differentiation and quality leads to growth

After becoming a distributor of roller blinds from coulisse and successfully building a factory, BIW now sells curtains to stores nationwide. Currently, there are more than 900 dealers and deals with Interior Designers and various real estate projects. Including having the opportunity to make important projects from never having a chance to get a job like this before

"We just bring the Royal Blue Rollerblind Collection to the customer. The customer can see that it's really a high-end product." Because whether it is about design the link between fashion and interior the storytelling, whether it is each color, material, is a collection that has been very well received by customers. "The day we saw many interior features from the leading companies in the country, they are impressed with our products. Or get information that famous customers make a purchase in this book that we did not personally present felt that we had made the right decision. "

Good financial cost management, profits grow accordingly

At that day, the business was growing and needed working capital. Combined with the project to build a factory Khun Bom has contacted many banks, one of which has SCB. In which SCB is the bank that approves in time and granting loans up to 3 times the collateral value. In addition to coming in at the most demanding moment, SCB also cares about the loan details. By providing credits that meet the objectives. Not only supporting the construction of factories also including credit for ordering products and a range of liquidity enhancements is another point that makes BIW able to run business aggressively and continuously.

"SCB loans are a huge help to our business, allowing us to use those funds to buy more products and to expand the business " In the past, BIW used OD limits for doing business which was the very high financial cost when SCB suggested changing from OD limit to LC for doing business, able to increase turn over to profit and enhance liquidity. This is a very important point "Sometimes we don't see financial costs as important to the business. But when we try to adjust a little can be a generator of the company's profit rate. " Moreover, it can stock more products and turn money more smoothly because it is a credit. Improving liquidity, good working capital. In the past, the business grew but was unable to save money, LC gave time to sell and able to manage the credit line to support the customers who need credit. The company has financial costs that match the purpose of use, resulting in reduced interest costs, resulting in more profit

"Opportunity", once received, must forward

Khun Bom had the opportunity to study the IEP with SCB, which he described as a course that has returned a lot. Both in the knowledge of doing business. Writing business plans Get good advice from speakers from Mentor and most importantly "friends" which is one of the best friends, open heart to each other, help each other, keep encouraging one another. Many people, including Khun Bom, have brought the project they proposed during their studies into a real business. And saw the growth of friends which he sees as a very mellow course.

When having received a good opportunity before Bom is ready to share that opportunity with other businessmen. "I am very happy and proud that we have the opportunity to share where we are knowledgeable or inspiring to others. I want to do my best. " We believe that this young man who does not retreat will be able to pass on the power to endure including the knowledge and experience from which he has achieved success with coulisse to spark a fighter to the next generation of businesspeople is absolutely excellent.

"I am a person who is sufficient to do anything, and we will try to do that to the best. Will not give up on the problems and obstacles that come in. I believe that problems occur every day but if we see it as a problem, we will not do it. But if viewed as opportunities are the point that will make us better, we will be able to find a solution to that problem. "