Thailand with the Vibes of Japan

Recently, on the social media feeds, many people have started to rant about how they want to travel the world again. Many must have felt uncomfortable, not being able to travel that they posted photos, lamenting about their time traveling overseas. Covid-19 pandemic is to be blamed for making travelling recession happened and if one insisted on going, they has to be state quarantined for 14 days that completely took away all their off-days. Talking about the most popular destinations that Thai people love to visit, Japan is one of the few on top of the list. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, many Thai people posted photos of visiting cities in Japan almost every day. We know how much you miss the land of rising sun. Since we cannot travel to Japan right now, let us visit places within Thailand for the time being and help to boost the nation’s economy because places in Thailand give the vibes of Japan as well. In this article, we would like to introduce check-in destinations that emanate Japan vibes to ease our readers from missing Japan even a little bit. If you are ready, let us explore!

Gazing at the Wild Himalayan Cherry –Sakura of Thailand

The Wild Himalayan Cherry is rich pink in color. When it fully blossoms, the beauty of nature will appear before the eyes of people who see it. Every winter, from the end of December to the end of January, the flowers will be fully bloomed making an enchanting scene like the Cherry Blossoms in Japan. There are many places to appreciate the Wild Himalayan Cherry and the vibes, as well as beauty, will differ among places. But, we can guarantee that every place will make an excellent photo spot that you can proudly show on social media. Winter is really coming and we have several destinations to gaze at the Wild Himalayan Cherry and enjoy the chill of the winter to recommend. Who knows, you might have choices for the upcoming winter trip.

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  • Khunsathan Watershed Research Station, the Nan , is an organization taking care of and managing watersheds and forests. It is located on a high mountain with a height of 1330 meters above sea level. The research station grows more forest to improve the watershed area and a whole bunch of the Wild Himalayan Cherry was planted within the station and along the road outside.

  • Khun Chang Khian, Chiang Mai , is a highland research station that is located on the road to Doi Suthep. It is a popular spot in Chiang Mai to view the Wild Himalayan Cherry. Apart from gazing at the flowers, you can also witness the winter farming at the station.

  • Doi Pui, Chiang Mai , is an alternative if you do not wish to race with a crowd of people to view the flowers at Khun Chang Khian. Doi Pui is part of Doi Suthep – Pui National Park that is located on the mountain at the height of 1658 meters from medium sea level. It is also where the Hmong village is situated. It is rich in nature and the weather is cooling all year long.

  • Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Centre (Khun Wang), Chiang Mai , has 2 interesting spots to view the Wild Himalayan Cherry which are the winter flowerbeds in front of the research center and another spot is within the agricultural project where there is a path that is surrounded with a pink tunnel or is commonly called “Sakura Tunnel”.

  • Doi Pha Hom Pok, Chiang Mai , has an approximate total area of 524 square kilometers. It has mountainous geography with a height of 2285 meters from sea level. There are a few important mountains which are Doi Pha Hom Pok, Doi Pumuen, Doi Laem, and Doi Ang Khang.

  • Ban Mae Klang Luang, Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai , will be covered with the Wild Himalayan Cherry when they are fully bloomed at Jomthong, Chiang Mai.

  • Doi Pha Tang Royal Villa, Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai . The Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossoms will bloom with other winter plants such as strawberry, persimmon, pear, etc.

  • Phu Lom Lo, Pisanulok , is located in Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park. The highest peak is around “the summit of Phu Lom Lo” with a height of 1680 meters from sea level. This makes the weather cooling for the whole year. Along the way up the mountain, there are pink Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossoms decorated on both sides of the road.

  • Phu Thap Boek, Phetchabun , has 2 interesting points to view the flowers which are Thap Boek Ruam Jai School and the old airport (on the way to Ban Man Khao).

Phu Pa Poh, Loei –The Fuji Mountain of Thailand

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Phu Pa Poh is the viewing area that Phu Ho or Fuji Mountain of Loei can be seen the clearest and when there is a thin cloud covering the mountain, it just looks more similar to Japan’s Fujisan. Many tourists have agreed that it really looks similar to Fujisan of Japan. “ Phu Ho ” is a high mountain with flat top and because of its resemblance appearance, it is being called “the Fujisan of Loei”. Phu Ho is also the symbol of Phu Ho, Phu Luang District. Besides, on the day of the clear sky, the scenery of Phu Hin Rong Kla, Phu Ho, Phu Luang, Phu Kradueng, Phu Pha Jit, Phu Pha Man, Suan Hin Pha Ngam and Khao Kho can be viewed 360 degree. Phu Pa Poh is located at Ban Pha Wai, Puan Pu, Nong Hin district, Loei.

Bamboo Tunnel at Chulaporn Wanaram Temple, Nakhon Nayok –Arashiyama Bamboo Grove of Thailand


Not far from Bangkok, you will find a serene temple with a bamboo tunnel entrance. It gives off the same vibes as Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto. The bamboo tunnel at Chulaporn Wanaram Temple is naturally grown. The bamboo from both sides of the walkway incline towards one another, forming a beautiful green tunnel for many meters long, providing shades and a good photo spot. After, enjoying the walk through the bamboo grove, you can move on to make merit at the temple. The parking area is provided, so it is very convenient to travel there by personal car.

Bonsai Village Suanphung, Ratchaburi

For those who are obsessed with the Bonsai culture in Japan, you must not miss this. Bonsai Village Suanphung is the newest attraction in the Suanphung district. It consists of thousands of big size beautiful Bonsai plants in the Japanese garden and near the pond. Within the project, there are also Japanese-style lodges right in the middle of the garden available for visitors who wish to use the service. Within the lodge, the room is decorated in Ryokan-style that if you take a photo, it would seem as if you took the photo in Japan.

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Archita Hostel

Feel the Japanese vibes in form of a Japanese boutique-style hostel. The surrounding is cool and calm. Within the accommodation, the decoration is all in Japanese-style. The meal is the full course of Japanese cuisine. Also, there is a kimono provided for you to fit in and take a photo.


Coro Field สวนผึ้ง ราชบุรี

Coro Field is the one and only Japanese Lifestyle Farming in Thailand. You can arrange a one-day trip there without having to stay over because it is just so near to Bangkok. It has an area of about 166 400 m 2 . The environment will make you feel like you are walking on a Japanese farm. The building is decorated in minimal style and glass windows. The green vegetable beds give a refreshing feeling when you look at them. The main plant of this place is the Japanese melon. Apart from enjoying the beautiful farm, you can also do many more interesting activities, such as plating, there. Besides, the feast tastes the best. The menu that you must try is blended melon juice. You can choose if you want to add cheese to the drink or just have the original one. The juice tastes refreshing as it is rich in melon. Mango juice is another tasty menu that you should try. Try both and you will experience the extraordinary refreshing taste.

The Paseo Park, Kanchanapisek, Bangkok

You do not have to travel somewhere far to get the vibes of Japan when Bangkok already has a place that can make you feel like you are in Japan. The Paseo Park offers you the 3 Japanese-themed atmospheres of Edo (past era), Heisei (present era), and Future Japan. For those who would like photos in Japanese themes, this would be a good choice because the architecture and decoration are all in Japanese from the entrance to the inside. There is even a giant Torii gate situated there. The food stalls are a mix of ancient and contemporary Japanese style with Japanese lanterns hanging along the walkway and bamboo clusters in places. Also, there are Japanese bridges to cross a small stream between stalls. And, of course, the dishes at the restaurant here are of the original Japanese food. During weekends, if you do not have any place to go, you can drop by here and you can be sure to get tons of photos back.

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J-Park, Si Racha, Chonburi

J-Park is a new tourist attraction in Si Racha. It is built in Japanese style like bringing the whole of Japan and place here. The building is designed in ancient Japanese style with lanterns, a Japanese garden as well as a mock-up of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. They brought everything to you, here, in Si Racha. It is like a one-stop service with many Japanese restaurants, pharmacies, drug stores, and Japanese supermarkets for you to shop till you drop.


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