Operation Zero External Coins

When travelling back from abroad, we always take some stinging coins back home as usual, as a matter of fact that its unrefundable! Influencial currencies as Euro or Pound though transform into so many coins are pretty costly. The deminishing of such problem has been found by claiming back the coin value without dropping into your rows of piggy banks and console yourself that they are for souvenirs!

When travel abroad, on the way-out our pocket is full of bunches of banknotes, but look, on the way-in, we are loaded with so many coins instead! Not only the heavy weight we have to burden, but also the ‘zero’ value when accompany them home as no currency exchange counters will accept them at all.

This irritation will now be a history when there are proper ideas to transform the remaining coins we take home into its optimum value.

Operation One: Together we live. In case of travelling in group with friends or faminly, collect all coins into big lumย and change them to banknotes as much as possible at the stores.When returning home, you can exchange that banknotes into Thai currency and divide them back to your allied who own these powered coins.

Operation Two: Blending the spending. Put out all the coins and go into convenient stores or shops which accept payment with credit or debit card and negotiate with them to accept payment with all these coins, then balance the remaining amount with credit or debit card. This operation will get rid of coins to none in just one store.  

Operation Three: With a help of a machine. This operation can be used in some airports only. Right now there are coins machine designed to accept coins for online spending. We just choose the designation to send the money to such as PayPal, Skype, iTunes, Google. After we fill the information or our mobile phone number, coins we put in will be transferred to the chosen destination.

Last Operation: Coins that change the world. Coins value in exchange to Thai Baht may seem so small but to bring them home as souvenirs is even more absurd. Another choice for ones who have abundant of coins left is to donate to a charity. Normally, in hotels or airports there would be donation boxes for charitable organizations everywhere. All we need is to just put the coins into the donation box with the same objective with us. 

Do not ever underestimate your coins’ value as public charity organization like UNICEF in co-operation with world leading airliners had placed a Change for Good campaign asking for donations of the remaining coins from passengers during flying home. Within 27-year period of the campaign, the fund raising was a total of 120 million Dollars or 4,000 million Baht!!

Therefore, for your next trip should your coins are unable to change into Thai Baht, the multi-powering with earth citizens to restore the value in any other possible way is not a bad suggestion, isn’t it?

With the utilization of all the operations suggested, we would not have to carry tons of coins back home as souvenirs anymore, instead, each and every coin made will be used to the full esteem and value as a coin could possibly be.