Lucky in unlucky! Almost lost the bag but seems like free trip!

Nobody wants to face a flight delay or any bad things while traveling, right? Anyway, I want to share my experience for example. I and my 3 friends planned to go to Taiwan last summer and everything went very well because one of my friends is a frequent Taiwan traveler and he was our tour leader! He planned everything whether finding flight tickets, booking hotels, and planning all trip. This was one of the dream trips!

Because anything could happen, and our trip leader is a careful person, so he suggested us to buy travel insurance first before flying. However, it was the day that we need to fly and how could we find a place to buy. Luckily, our leader told us that we could buy insurance via SCB EASY application with just a small additional fee but full-coverage and cheap price. This is very convenient because it took less than 3 minutes to finish and it could save us in time before going to Taiwan.

It was one of the greatest trips because we could eat whatever we want and go to every landmark whether Taipei 101 Building, seeing marching soldiers at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, praying at Longshan temple, fulfill with Mala-Shabu buffet, shopping at Ximen Market and Shilin Night Market. This was a perfect trip and it was time to go back home. Selecting flight to Taiwan is relating to our convenience because there are just a few airlines that can check-in by In-Town Check-In which will deliver our luggage directly to the airport while we can have fun and walk around the city then just take a train to the airport.

After the smooth landing, passing through the customs and reaching the carousel to get all luggage. The first bag came out and all my friends got their bags until the sign showed the last bag. OMG! Where is my bag? What about my souvenir and collection items? All are in that luggage. How unlucky I am! Okay, I had to be calm and figured out something. I contacted the airline staff at the lost and found section. They tried to reach the original country and let me fill in the request form for reference. I felt so sad. How could I be calm and fall asleep at night!

After a big whining about luggage and stuff, one of my friends said about the insurance. Oh yes, I did buy insurance! So, I called them, and they advised me about the claim process. After a while, I heard some good news from the airline staff that they found one remaining baggage and they sent me a picture. It was mine! They explained that the destination tag was missing so they did not know where to send this bag to. However, they already knew it is mine and they will send it to me as soon as possible. I was very excited that finally, I will get my bag, so I called the insurance to change from lost to delay claim. The documents that need to be submitted are a copy of ID card, passport, boarding pass, expect arrival time of the bag document from the airline for time compensate calculation and the last one, the insurance.

Thenceforth, I sent all the documents to the insurance via email. The processing, verification and transferring compensate money time took about 1 week which equaled to 12,000 Baht. In SCB EASY application shows that every 6 hours-delay will get 3,000 Baht and maximum is 12,000 Baht. This insurance is very useful and worth buying. Lucky me! The compensate money almost covered flight ticket and hotel. However, we may not be lucky every time and buying insurance makes us feel safer because it is better to be relaxed while traveling and not worry about anything else!

Certainly, I will buy travel insurance for the next trip!