4 chilling running spots in Osaka for health travelers

Those who love to run with their heart, even when traveling abroad cannot stop do it. Or anyone who wants to see the scenery around the city while jogging, Osaka City is one option that will allow you to experience the lifestyle of the Japanese in a unique way.

Running in Osaka is very comfortable and safe. It can run in the morning, afternoon, and especially in the evening with cool weather, also have running mates, both Japanese and foreigners. However, if you are thinking of running in the city, you must bear in mind that you must run and stop at the intersection with the car turning or on the cross-way where there are people waiting to cross the road. But it is safe because there are light signals at all a crossing. In addition, a well-designed city plan makes it easy to run and do not be afraid of getting lost. But if wanting to run comfortably seamlessly you can run in the park, which is very suitable for jogging while traveling. Let's see what places in Osaka are worth seeing and running in.

4 สถานที่วิ่งชิลๆ ในโอซาก้า

1.Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is in the city center. The special thing that all runners must come is a large area and there are small gardens spread a lot. I can choose to run both small and large rounds. Importantly, this castle runs a race on a regular basis. The largest program is inevitable, "Osaka Marathon" which is popular with runners both in Japan itself and foreign runners considered as an international running route.

2.Osaka City Hall

his is a place in Osaka that is open for people to run and exercise that many people may not have thought of. The building is a retro-style architecture. The interior is used as a space for exhibitions of art and culture of the city. And is another important feature that is striking for people visiting Osaka. There are pedestrian paths and gardens, although not specifically designed for running. But many runners also like to run on this route.

3.Utsubo Park

Another place that runners can run with See the beauty of the colorful flower gardens with the Utsubo Park. Which is featured in the oldest garden in the city with many roses. There is also a large pond and fountain that is unique. Around the garden, there is also a coffee shop to chill out. This is another place to run in Osaka that healthy runners shouldn't miss.

4.Along the banks of the Yodo River

Riverside Yoda is another good choice, not less than in other places. Because aside from a long run along the river that heads north to Kyoto, also experience the beautiful atmosphere on both sides of the river. Regardless of which side of the city you run from will pass important places including government buildings, museums, restaurants, or activity areas for local people. We will see the daily life of the Osaka people. Whether adults, children or the elderly along the running route. Running early in the morning is refreshing or run at night so you'll be dazzled by the nightlife of Osaka.