Good reasons to own a “Countryside House”

City homes may be better and more comfortable but a “countryside house” maybe your favorite choice. No matter what purpose of it whether for weekend relaxation or family living or your retirement or old house renovation to be a lively one. This article helps you see the quality of this rural house but more “happiness”.

Far from the city ... not from the convenience

This is about the location of the house, which many people are afraid of. Actually, there are many good locations left in the city and the countryside area. Location with a hospital, shops, department stores, and the market is your most convenient choice or a place which is a little far from the city with transportation and not too isolated. This is another interesting choice that you may feel of nature whether mountains, rivers, farm or a beach. Moreover, it is better for your relationship in case your family lives there.

Is it worth it to have your own house built in the countryside?

Is it worth? Let’s see the pros and cons as below,


Construction and buying land budget - The statistic shows that most of the countryside land is cheaper than in Bangkok. The land cost estimate as of 2016-2019 for every province across the country from The Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance shows that the cheapest land cost estimate in Bangkok is around 500 Baht per square Wa, while in some provinces, it is less than 200 Baht per square Wa such as Nakhon Pathom, Chonburi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Songkhla.

  • House and surrounding area - In many cases, at the same budget, you will get a larger area in the countryside than in Bangkok. This is why a whole house and outside area is more useful. Also, you will own a beautiful garden for chilling and enjoying your morning coffee.

  • Environment - The countryside house usually beats the city because of its environment because of its slow life which makes people less stressed. Also, the quieter environment that gets along with a slow-life lifestyle.

  • Traffic - Less traffic jam problem than in Bangkok

  • Cost of living - Food and other expenses in the countryside is cheaper than in the city.


  • Maintenance - In case no one is living there, you may be worried and have to go there and do the cleaning by yourself. As a person who does not live there permanently, hiring house cleaners is another additional cost and trustworthy is another important issue.

As you can see, owning a countryside life has many benefits with some living limitations such as working opportunities with higher income that could be found only in Bangkok. However, some people want to live in a happy and quiet place with less construction cost, then these houses are good for you. For anyone who wants to own a countryside house, you have to make it fast because the sooner you start, the better the future holds. You still have time to make money. Another factor is house and land value, and the inflation rate usually tends to go up and we need to earn more money to buy the same amount as these days.

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