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If you dream of having a house, your dream can come true. We are providing consulting and special benefits for you. In order to, make you and your family happy in your dream house. We offer financing of up to 100% of the appraisal value, with special interest rates, either fixed or float.
The choice is yours

The choice is yours

An SCB Home Loan gives you the freedom to select the interest rate and installment plan that are best for you. We offer a choice of fixed and float rates to meet your financial planning needs.
Easy mortgage schedule

Easy mortgage schedule

SCB's easy mortgage plan reduces both principle and interest. We provide a long loan term of up to 30 years. To figure the maximum loan period available to you, subtract your age from 65.
Fast approval

Fast approval

We process your application promptly. You'll find out the result, credit line and installment amount in a short period.
Professional service

Professional service

When you plan your loan application, SCB serves as a trusted partner and offers you the best deals. A mortgage loan is a long-term commitment, and so we believe you deserve the most professional service and expertise.
Interest Rates

Interest Rates

As announced by the bank
Rates and Fees
Interest Rate for Lending Effective Date: 03.10.2023 Announcement Date: 02.10.2023

Collateral Price Appraisal and Survey Fee

  • Projects supported by the bank: 500 baht (VAT excluded)
  • Single houses: 5,000 baht per unit (VAT excluded)
  • Town houses, twin houses, and condominiums: 3,450 baht per unit (VAT excluded)
  • House construction on a land plot of no more than 1 rai: Around 4,550 baht (VAT excluded), and construction work inspection: 1,100 baht/time (VAT excluded)
  • Fees subject to change as announced by the bank

Loan Consultation Service Fee

  • Waived.

Stamp Duty

  • 0.05% of loan limit, but not more than 10,000 baht.

Mortgage Fee

  • 1% of credit limit

Fire Insurance Premium

  • As charged by insurance company.

Qualification and Document Required


Thai nationality
Has never had a non-performing loan at any financial institution
Age at least 20 years old, not more than 65.

Document Required

Identity Verification

  1. Only a copy of your ID card is required. It providing a copy of a government officer or state enterprise officer ID card with ID number and photo on the card, or passport (in the event that your spouse is a foreigner), please provide a copy of your house registration document.
  2. Copy of house registration
  3. Copy of marriage certificate (if applicable)
  4. Copy of certificate of name change (if applicable)

Collateral Document

Copy of sale and purchase agreement

Income Document

Salaried employee

  1. Salary confirmation and pay slips
  2. Bank statements for past six months

Business owner

  1. Bank statements for past six months (personal account and business account)
  2. Four or five photos of the business premises and map showing location
  3. Copy of trade registration and company registration, including list of shareholders
  4. Tax submission documents for past year, showing income and expenditures as well as receipts for purchase and sale of goods


  1. Bank statements for past six months
  2. Professional license (doctor, engineer, lawyer, architect)

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