How to Protect Car Theft

Owning a car is not easy for some people as it’s costly and it needs great effort to earn savings or down payment.

Undoubtedly, we all love our cars and take good care of them to prolong their lifespan. Anyway, the problem that keeps annoying us is car robbery.

Can technology help?

Even though many car series have developed anti-theft systems like Burglar alarm, and Immobilizer system which the codes of key and car have to match in order to start the car; duplicated key won’t work, and Push-start system which you can start your car without inserting the key.

Although, there’re many anti-theft devices available in the market such as steering wheel lock, gear lock, brake lock, and clutch lock. Car robberies are often found when chances are allowed to the robbers.

Choose a car park to avoid car theft

When “chances allow” means that robbers have a longer time and are in a comfortable environment so they’ll be able to release the locks, break, cut, smash or pour acid in the anti-theft devices. If your car is equipped with anti-theft devices, it’ll be harder for them as they need more force and time to hack your car.

Anti-theft devices are good. However, we recommend that the car owner install at least one more device to create chaos for the robbers. Selecting high-quality products like strong and durable tools and materials. More devices will give robbers a difficult time so they may change their minds and ignore your car.

More importantly, the car park is a major factor that drives robbers’ decisions. If the car park is in a remote area and dark, they will work comfortably.

Lock your car may also be risky

press remote key without looking at their cars. Be careful! A closed-circuit camera has recorded that a robber walked around the car when the car owner was pressing the remote to lock the car but didn’t look back. In just a few seconds, the robber could stretch out his hand to ajar a door before the car owner pressed the remote, and then the robber could get in the car easily.

Get off the car while leaving the engine on

Car robbery doesn’t occur when the car is already parked. We often heard that the robbery could happen while the car engine is working caused by the carelessness of the car owner.

A case like that is reported many times in the news such as, leaving car and rushing to withdraw cash at ATM, buying some stuff on the sidewalks, or opening/closing the gate, etc.

The major cause of those incidents is the car owners take things for granted. They don’t turn off the car engine as they think they’ll leave the car for few seconds. The robber targets that car and also spends few seconds to get in the car and drives away with no effort to hack the car.

Be reminded to stop the engine and bring the car key with you before getting off the car even though there’re some passengers in your car, especially children or the elderly who can’t fight against the robber. Otherwise, things may turn out seriously and cause danger.

Is GPS necessary?

For those who don’t trust that an anti-theft system can prevent 100% car theft, you may look for “GPS Tracking” which can track the car position. If there’s no cost concern, installing this device can help increase the chance to track your car when lost.

Don’t be careless and find ways to protect your car as much as you can. Insurance is another thing you shouldn’t overlook. Insurance with theft coverage will create more relief while driving your car.