Use Google My Business to recovery of the Covid-19 crisis

In a crisis situation that everyone needs to keep at home Searching for information on stores, especially restaurants that deliver food to your home Therefore mainly use the internet with search in Google Search or Google Map, making online advertising to announce to the world that our store is open here is as important as quality products and good services Because if something is good but people don't know that there is, it can't be sold. But for SME business owners, when buying a full-fledged online ad for tens of thousands of baht, it may not be worth it. Google My Business is a free service that does not meet the SME needs, and these are the 4 benefits that businesses. SME can be obtained from pinning stores


1. Open up business opportunities By building your business identity online

With the behavior of today's consumers that prefer searching for information before making a purchase In which 99.33% of Thais surveyed the data via Google. Creating a business identity online with Google My Business tools such as Google Search and Google Map is a launch for tens of millions of Thais who access the internet. Get to know our business And from the trend of using search terms "near me" such as "restaurants near me" "cafes near me" etc. increasingly Is an opportunity for our store to appear on the mobile phone screen of the customer It is an effective way to advertise your business without the small business expenses that you don't overlook.

2 No matter how far the distance, the business can be done

In an era of booming Delivery service and transferring money through mobile apps, it's never been easier. Distance is therefore not an obstacle to sales. Especially in situations where people do not leave the house Restaurant businesses to have to sell primarily with Delivery. Pinning Google My Business creates an online store identity for customers to search for our store. No matter how far away Customers are ready to call to order our food delivered to home.

And more importantly, with the number statistics Google My Business has collected Business owners can see that customers

3. Positive reviews make sales even better.

In the offline world, how does Word of Mouth affect business online? Customer reviews are like that on Google My Business, allowing customers to review stores. And business owners get to know more about customers, whether they respond to reviews Answering messages and questions, and interacting with interested customers. In addition, Google has a translation program Posting reviews for other languages ​​is also automatically translated. Therefore there are no longer language barriers in customer care

The business owner knows the opinions of the customers. It is an insight into the development of products and services. And do promotions to meet customer satisfaction Leading to positive reviews and creating more sales opportunities. According to statistics, 66% of customers say positive reviews help them decide on that store.1

4. Make free real-time advertising By uploading store profile details

A key benefit of Google My Business is that business owners can share general information such as addresses, locations. Phone numbers, websites, business hours, and information useful for customers' purchase decisions Like if it's a restaurant It is the atmosphere, the restaurant, the menu, the food, the food, etc. This area is like a small website. Let the search person know about your store right away, which has a significant effect on whether to come to your store or not.

However, adding phone numbers, time to turn it on, and keep updating the image is very important. Because of the statistics, 96% of customers tend to visit the business, show business hours 2, while 90% of customers are likely to visit businesses that show phone number 3. At the same time, customers will click to request a business route with pictures. Up to 42% compared to when not adding image 4 And requesting a business route that is filled in completely up to 7 times as much as 5

Even in times of crisis Don't let the chances of your business slip away. Today, you can easily apply for Google My Business and verify your identity through the SCB EASY app or SCB branches nationwide.


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