How to safely refuel

Fuel is the heart of the car. But at the same time, it is classified as a hazardous substance that motorists should learn, understand, and act correctly. For the safety of both people and cars

Often, I hear that Many drivers add fuel to the wrong type of fuel, gas, or petrol, which causes the damage.

In the gas section, the wrong type of filling nowadays would not have happened. But in the past, when our home began to use natural gas or new NGVs because oil is more expensive.

It was found that the wrong type was added many times. And the consequences can be fatal, especially by adding NGV gas to tanks designed for liquefied petroleum gas or LPG. Because these two types of gas have enormous pressure differences, the NGV has a much higher pressure. Therefore, when adding to the LPG tank that is not designed to support very high pressure Causing the tank to explode so violently that it damages most of the gas stations

But today, both car users and employees at the service station Understand the difference Causing no more problems. However, it should be taken as a lesson before doing anything. Must study thoroughly the information first So that in the future, if there is the new fuel, there will be no more mistakes.

Add the right kind of gas

The problem of filling the wrong gas is gone. But the one that remains to fill in the mistakes that are always seen is "oil", which is very sympathetic. Because of our home, It can be said that there are various types of oils at the top, for example, the petrol group includes Petrol 95, Gasohol 95, Gasohol 91, E10, E20, E85 Diesel group also has premium diesel, Diesel, B7, B20 etc.

Therefore, the first thing must be clear that What kind of fuel can a used car use? Because some gas stations There may not be the type of oil used on a regular basis. Can still add different types of fuel instead and at the same time must know that Any type of fuel that cannot be refilled is strictly prohibited.


Refillable gasoline

Octane 95


Octane 91

Octane 95


Refillable gasoline


E20, gasohol 91 and 95, gasoline


Gasohol 91 and 95, gasoline

Gasohol 91

Gasohol 91 and 95

Gasohol 95

Gasohol 95 and gasoline

For example, a gasoline engine, if E85 is specified, it means that the car can fill up with all petrol groups. But if E20 can be specified, it means all kinds of refills except E85. Or if gasohol 95 is specified, it can only fill gasohol 95 and gasoline, or if specified as gasohol 91, it can fill gasohol 91 and gasohol 95. Yes, etc.

Diesel fuel

Refillable oil

Premium Diesel



Premium Diesel, B7

          B 7

Premium Diesel, Diesel

          B 20

All kinds

Present, diesel fuel sold contains biodiesel. Which each type of engine will not support the same

The general principle is that if the type of oil contains high ingredient numbers, can use diesel with lower biodiesel ingredients. For example, many pickups indicate that B20 can be added, meaning all types of diesel can be added. But if specifying that only B7 can be added, B7 can only be added. Other things cannot be filled. Even the fuel is labeled "diesel" because diesel is a fuel that has been renamed from B10, meaning this fuel. Contains 10% biodiesel.


Cross-type fill Risk a damage

Wrong additions in the same group There may be problems with the engine walking inconvenience. Or a blockage of the nozzle but if the wrong type of cross-type diesel and gasoline is added, it will create serious damage problems and incur costs.

When you fill in the wrong If using the car for a while the engine will crash. And finally extinguished. What you need to do is Do not start the engine again. And to manage to drain the wrong oil Chasing the new oil system. Before adding the correct type of oil instead and chasing the oil system again. There are also some additional tasks to be done, such as cleaning spark plugs for gasoline engines. Or changing or cleaning the oil filter. These steps suggest that without knowledge of mechanical engines Should have a technician who has the expertise to handle it. And what I want to emphasize is Do not to try to start the engine at all. Because it will cause more damage

Fault protection Just a simple thing

So as not to cause the hassle, time, and damage that will occur. The best thing is to try to add the right kind of gas Which is not difficult Just pay attention

The best approach to each refueling is to get off the vehicle, which will show the operator at the service station whether filling up correctly or not. But nowadays, most people do not practice much.

But at the very least If still sitting in the car To turn off the engine every time Avoid things that cause sparks. And before adding, turn to see that Does the employee picks up the dispenser correctly? And avoid starting the engine during refueling

Getting off the car every time before refueling. Not just to prevent the wrong type of filling or to check the car's cleanliness. But more importantly, getting off is a safety principle. Because if a mistake occurs while refueling, such as a fire or an explosion Being out of the car is certainly better than being in the car.

You to prevent criminals who use this timing to take advantage of the opportunity to steal cars Which is a story that has happened many times

And you can see that in the gas station there will be a warning not to use a mobile phone Which should follow. Although rarely heard the news that the accident occurred from this matter but taking precaution is better Because the use of the phone will generate microwave waves Which may result in ignition. And don't be mistaken, staying away from petrol shouldn't be a problem. Because most of the time was burned It doesn't happen directly with the oil. Rather, it is a reaction with the oil vapor that is constantly evaporating.

It's not a hassle with guidelines to ensure each refueling is safe and does not cause any damage to the car Just pay attention to the little details It will eventually become a habit. That will be done automatically every time.