Buying new furniture, should I get a loan?

As a middle-level employee with 20K Baht earning each month and a small saving. Buying a few pieces of furniture to reward ourselves may not be a big deal. We can go to every annual furniture fair. There are many manufacturers and brand owners attending these events with lots of promotions and bonus packages.

The pros of buying furniture at the fair are the consumable products, decoration, and electrical appliances are also selling with good promotion inside the fair. This is why we can stay in these fairs for a whole day.

Found the right one but the price is too high. What should I do?

Have you ever found the right piece, but it is too expensive, so you did not buy it? Then you came back home, thought about it all the time and decided to buy it. Unfortunately, it was bought by someone else. It was too bad, and you felt sorry that you did not buy it sooner.

Buying furniture is the same feeling that you may find the right one. For example, you want a working desk and a cabinet to store your stuff. Then you found a shelf with drawers, cabinets and also a working desk. It is so minimal and matches with your place. Also, the material durability is also great, but the price is not that cheap. 

The suggestion is you have to be sure that you walk around at every shop in the event to ensure that this is the most favorite one and the price is not too high compared to another similar one. Do not judge only from your emotions but you have to think about how necessary it is, how frequently you use it, and how it helps you live a better life. If all the answers are yes, it is the right one and you will regret it if you did not buy it. You have some saving money and the salary will be paid soon. You have to decide now, but you have to ask for more information whether the shop details, contact, deposit, delivery, after-service, and product satisfaction guarantee. After that, you have to google the shop trustability that is it the same as they said and other customer reviews. If there is no information found, you have to be careful. If everything is good, a deposit is your choice.

Dealing with an unexpected and over-control budget

Buying any over-budget thing is normally not a mistake however, it is about how we manage it. There are many ways as following, 

  1. A credit card can help!  If the shop takes a credit card with a 0% installment plan, promotion is a good choice. However, do not forget to think about the cash limit of the credit card. If you have other expenses whether electricity, water, internet, or insurance, you have to re-think using it. In case the total is exceeding the boundary, you have to reconsider another choice.

  2. Saving money This is a great choice for anyone with a lot of money. However, you have to think about the remaining money if it is less than at least 6 times your monthly expense, it is not recommended to use this money. In case any unexpected happens and needs a large sum of money, it will be a big problem. So, saving money should be spent at the necessary time.    

  3. A personal loan from banks or financial institutes. If there is no other choice, applying for a personal loan is a popular option. There are many plans which suit you. No need to be in debt with anyone but still has a cash flow and some saving money. Also, a personal loan does not affect your financial credit. On the other hand, if you pay it back in time, your credit will be better.


Getting a loan in a few minutes

Sometimes what you want may come in not the perfect time, but it does not mean you cannot have it. Applying for a loan from the bank is the best and safest way because Bank of Thailand regulation guarantees and takes care of it. Also, the bank will be the advisor of our payback.

Most people believe that getting a loan from a bank is difficult and has a high-interest rate. Anyone with this thought must change because there are many choices of loans and it is very easy. For the informal debt which you think that it has a low rate because it is a daily rate not an annual rate as the bank. So, no matter how you compare the rate, the bank rate is much cheaper than the outside rate.

We can apply for the loan from anywhere and anytime via the bank application. For example, Siam Commercial Bank with SCB EASY application which you can choose your proper personal loan via your smartphone. There is a personal loan with insurance and without insurance or the loan without attached to your bank account at all. It takes only a few minutes to fill in your personal information then waits for approval from the bank. This is super easy. If you are not an SCB customer or do not own an application, you can send your intention to the website and our staff will contact you shortly.

Applying for a personal loan, you will get your personal advice to suit your potential to pay back which depends on your choice whether short or long installment plan. This is the worth option of how to manage the money risk. Moreover, your discipline after getting those financial credits to keep it with you as long as it could.