Buying clean air for your beloved one

In the past, we could say that clean air is everywhere around us, but we cannot see it. However, we can see it clearer these days because it has changed from a clear vision to be darker due to the pollution. This is what we and our beloved person inhale every day in order to live or to slowly die.

We can live only 5 to 6 minutes in case there is no air. All cells in the body need oxygen in the air in order to live. However, there is pollution whether it be dust, car exhaust, factory emissions, and burning garbage. There is the burning, mold pet skin, flower spore, and chemical gas and dust inside the building. According to the European Commission Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks, there are over 900 kinds of chemical gases and dust also the size is less than 2.5 micron (PM2.5) which can pass through the lung membrane and get in the vein inside our body. This is the reason why the number of patients with disease of the respiratory system increases whether an allergy, asthma, chronic sore throat, influenza, pneumonitis, and the worst, lung cancer. It is not good for babies and kids since they are in the middle of developing their brains and skills and those are good when taking in clean air. From the research, kids with slow development can be recovered with pure air but in contrast, inhaling toxic air affects both health and brain development.

Many people think that staying in a room with an air-conditioner is safer than outside, but it is not. Because an air-conditioning system is an only-in-door ventilation with no outside air mixing. This is another chance of disease spreading because if someone is sick and staying in, the infected air is still circulated inside the room and eventually someone will retrieve those diseases. It is not a surprise that respiratory disease is easy to catch and spread through.

This close and visible danger is the reason why many families do not hesitate to invest in their health no matter how much it costs, whether ten to hundred thousand to exchange with clean air for a whole family. K.Tatcha, a middle-aged salary-woman who lives in a house next to a high traffic main road with 4 lives; her husband, a kindergarten-aged daughter, a nearly-80 years old mother and her sister. Since the environment is not as good as it was, her daughter is chronically sick from respiratory disease and has to be admitted to a hospital. Her mother had a sore throat and became a chronic illness. Also, her allergy was getting worse. Thus, she decided to buy a famous brand of air purifier which is almost the most expensive one selling in Thailand. It costs about fifty-thousands Baht per each and she bought 4 of them. She wanted to have a healthy family and thought that investing in health is not about price but the best and worthiest product. She told us that she did many types of research before deciding to buy this brand and found that it is expensive, but its function can fulfill her needs. “Frankly, I bought a cheaper one, but it does not work. We were still sneezing, and allergic.” After buying a new one, I feel the air is getting better and fresher. Also, she, her husband, and mother can sleep tighter and the allergy is almost gone. Her morning allergic symptoms, whether sneezing and running nose, are getting better and her daughter's sickness is also gone. This is worthy.

The air purifier helps filter the pollutants in a surrounding area by sucking small dust, mites, and germs into the device and letting clean air out instead. Although it is a hundred percent purity, but air will be better and fresher. It works as a human lung which filters dirty out. There are many purifiers brands these days with a different function and price starting from thousands to a hundred thousand. The below information will guide you in which one is the worthiest and satisfy your needs. 

1. Air Volume, Air Flow – A higher rate, a faster clean air is. A large room also needs a high number. 

2. Clean Air Delivery Rate
– or the CADR number which shows a dirty-filter quantity rate per minute. A higher number means a better filter performance. 

3. Room Size, Area Coverage
– Proper room size is also an important factor. If a room is too large compared to a purifier performance that means an indoor air quality may not be satisfied as it should be. Also, energy-wasting and too loud noise may occur.

4. Noise Level – This is another important part especially in the bedroom because it may disturb your sleep. 

5. Power Usage
– Comparing with another brand at a similar spec to see the power consumption rate   

6. Contaminate type reduction
as you need whether PM2.5, mites, viruses, and odor.  

7.  Maximum operating hours and on-ff timer 

8. Screening design
with contaminate detection screen and notification such as filter changing time

9. Maintenance,
filter life, cost, and after-sale service center 

10.  User-friendliness with controller or movable 

11.  Product warranty 

Do not judge only the price when buying an air purifier and think that it is all the same and choose the cheapest one. This may result in a loss of money and the air is not as pure as you think. Many people do that and have to buy a new worthy one which means you have to pay twice. For anyone who wants to buy a good health for your family but has no money, SCB has a choice for you which is a personal loan. No need for a guarantee, easy approval, and low-interest-rate with a longer installment plan. In case you own any SCB credit card, it will be easier to just swipe and change those balances into the monthly payment with SCB Dee Jung to reduce a big cash burden. All of these can be done via SCB EASY application. Because good health cannot wait and thrifty, investment in your health and your beloved today is better than seeing them sick and feeling sorry later.