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It's easy to apply for a flexible SCB Speedy Loan, and no collateral or guarantor is required. You can borrow a sum as large as five times your average monthly income, with funds transferred directly to your bank account. Installments are convenient, payable via your choice of channel.

Application is simple

  • Easy to apply: no collateral or guarantor required.
  • As soon as your loan is approved, SCB will transfer the money to the bank account of your choice.
  • Credit line can range from 20,000-2,000,000 baht.
  • Fixed monthly installment
  • Interest is calculated based on net balance after subtracting principal paid and interest paid.

Quick approval

  • Your can borrow up to five times your average monthly income but not more than 2,000,000 baht. Repayment period of up to 72 monthss.
  • Interest rate depends on approved credit limit.

Document Required

Identity Verification

Copy of ID card only or copy of government officer card

Income Document

  • Pay slip for current month or salary certificate and three-month bank statement (for full-time employee)


  • Copy of partnership registration issued by Ministry of Commerce and copy of six-month bank statement (for business owner)

Savings Account

Copy of first page of passbook of savings account to be used to receive funds from SCB Speedy Loan.

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