“Leaking roof” solutions

The roof is the most important item in the house. If there is a leakage and not fix, it may be a big problem in the future. The longer you leave the problem, ceiling mould growth may induce a falling ceiling. In some cases, it may cause an electricity jam and deteriorate on the floor then becomes a bigger problem. So, what should we do to solve this leaking ceiling problem?

Leaking roof cause

  • Most root causes are from a broken, crack or aperture on the roof which makes the water leak to a ceiling and. Most people know because they can see the mold and stains. This cause the owner has to pay both ceiling and roof repair cost.

  • The decay of that equipment such as screws, nails, fastening, etc. Roofs need to be resistant to sunlight and rain which causes rust on the screw and loosen gap between roof tiles and resulting in water leakage. 

  • Most roof designs have a small decline or too short to drain the water and it is not enough. So, whenever there is heavy rain with accumulative water and the roof is unable to drain the water, the leaking roof happens.

  • Crash on the roof such as a tree branch by a heavy wind, a hailstorm, etc. may cause a hole in the roof. 

Find the leaking spot

Before repair, the house owner should find a leaking spot and let the contractor fix the right spot. Otherwise, you may have to call them many times because you could not find the exact leaking problem. The roof spot most leak occurs is as following,

  • The connection between roofs is the first spot that should be checked when a leak is found.

  • The roof hip and roof cover which is the cover of a connection between roofs. If a leak is found which may happen because of an old and deteriorated holding concrete or from too far or a big gap between tiles. 

  • The corner of the roof and the wall. This is another spot where common leaks happen.

  • Downspout connection. The depth and width should be appropriate for draining from the roof. Moreover, the groove should have a strainer to prevent the blocked leaves which can cause a leak.  

Leaking roof solution

After knowing the root cause and a leaking spot, let's find the fixing solution as following,

  • The recommended method is to inject the silicone into the leaking hole because it is flexible and can cover the hole, crack and has the ability to seal to prevent water leakage into the house. Silicone is cheap and easy to buy which is lower than buying a whole roof tile. Also, silicone lasts around 3 - 6 years depending on each grade. Whenever silicone deteriorates, the homeowner should call a contractor to fix it. 

  • The best way is to change roof tiles at the leaking or crack spot and choose the same version as original. However, different shading may be found because current tiles are passed through many sunlight and rains and they are faded. The solution is painting the whole tiles to change them to be a more similar color.

If the owner found a leak many times due to an over-15 years old house, the owner should consider changing a whole roof with better roof design and better water drain to reduce a water accumulation problem. In case of heavy rain, this will help decrease the chance of flooding on the roof. This is a long-term solution. If you are considering changing a roof but lack of money. Do not worry, click -here- for a personal speedy loan.