How to move to a new home! Check to clear before saying goodbye to the old house.

Got a good day on moving to a new house which was sought with great effort instead of an easy job Turned out to be a big event. But don't let the moment that is important and memorable in your life is full of stress. Encroach on physical and mental energy in the movement of goods out of the old house. Because we have methods to prepare with situations that must handle various matters in a limited time. Eliminate small problems that may be overwhelming and make you difficult on the day of moving.

Detailed steps for storage and transportation

The first thing you need to do is to examine the items in each room in detail. And categorizing them together Increase the convenience of proper packing with a written description label on every box. Anything that is no longer used and then distributed to those in need. The things that still need to be used divided into groups according to the use of the room, such as bedroom, living room, office and kitchen, easy to store in a new house.

Fragile items and requiring special care or at risk of being easily broken Be it perfume bottles, plates, glasses, must wrap well and write on the crate or plastic boxes that do not throw. The sharp parts must be separated. Because it may cause damage to other items.

While electrical appliances not that it can be moved as you wish. It is recommended to follow the transportation instructions correctly. So as not to cause damage otherwise you may have to pay for repairs or severe to the new one. The wires can be collected by winding and using adhesive tape attached to the side of the machine. The cord will not break. One more caution is to never pack dangerous items into the box, such as spray bottles and lighters.

Sweep, wipe ready to move in

In addition to adding resolution to the storage of items, cleanliness is important to consider in order to clear the old house. Tells how old the landlord cares about cleanliness if having to deliver or transfer the house to a new owner. While the new house had to clean things and furniture that was moved to be brand new beautifully organized before the move in.

Good design is a winner

Must move into a new house, you must ask yourself clearly what type of home you want. Of course, it must be beautiful, look good, have more design than the old house. Important things that should not be overlooked are "The art of placement". Various items and furniture be placed beautiful and easy to use. Put it in the right proportion as possible. While bringing together old stuff and mixed with new ones. Not sure how to choose the design or arrangement of things inside the house in order to be able to conveniently use and accept the layout or design of the house. It is advisable to find an expert to help guide the point through your eyes.

Notify complete address change

Of course, when moving into a new house the thing that must be handled quickly is the document. Do not forget to notify the change of address to various departments. To cancel the service to the old house, such as utilities, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and all financial institutions that use credit card services Securities companies Must also notify the address change for delivery of important financial documents to the new address. And most importantly, informing the district office of requesting to move out of the old house into a new house registration within 15 days from the date of moving out of the house.

Make new friends near your home

And another relationship that cannot be overlooked Is making friends with neighbors. Because, however, you can ask them to take care of your house when you are away or must travel far. And familiarize yourself with the environment in the villages and nearby communities. By surveying the location around the house Area amenities Including food stores, markets, department stores, hospitals, post offices, banks, and others

In order to start living in a new house that will answer to all needs and to fulfill your lifestyle the most!