When Millennials decorate the house to be a dream exhibition!

Not too much to define if "House is an exhibition that tells the story and individuality"

Because each homeowner naturally has different stories, identities, and interests. Especially the people of the era "Millennial" that has seen many changes in society giving the most value to the experience. And is determined to travel to a remarkable destination by having one's own home. How impressive can an exhibition of this age be? Let's look at the style that reflects the story of this era.

Old meets new at the dream house.

Modern house style still ranks in the minds of the millennials. Because the design and decoration are made from raw materials that are cool but look good and have a price like metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum. Elaborate lines created with the shadow of the glass Create reflections and make the house more dimensional. Not too dull or uncomfortable, can be black glass, tea color or opaque color as you wish.

But since the word house that translates to "Home" means "warmth", suggest that you add a style of decoration with Rustic furniture to give a warm retro feel. Because it focuses on the use of materials and home decorations that change over time. Revealing the true beauty of nature that is full of traces Do not have to be completely full in any way. Like furniture, tables, chairs, revealing old wood patterns Coffee table covered with stone or cement floors and stone slabs that have been used to live like this.

Important ... not just limited to large materials or decorations but also including parts, containers or small decorations which you can choose to match with a rustic modern style as well.

Yearning for art and nature

In addition to combining old and new with Rustic Modern Style. Millennials still yearn for "art" because it helps to heal and heal the mind very well. Therefore, they began to see many people are interested in buying art to decorate their homes to share their identities. That this is the lines and colors that I like. Or even bringing furniture pieces Crafted by skilled craftsmen to be placed as the most prominent elements in the home.

And being in town makes people of this age longing for "nature" as well. Allocating some areas of the house to areas of trees and gardens. In addition to adding green color to the people in the house Also helps to nourish the mind to recover from stress better.

Another world of obsessed people

Believe that many Millennials should have asked themselves whether "When to do you like yourself the most?" Of course, the answer varies. But one of them should have an answer like "Like me when obsessed with something for a long time"

The Millennials' home reflects their identity and interests. Turned to add space or modify one corner of the house to be a "studio", creating works of art, craft, crafts, including kitchens such as cooking and desserts. Whether to eat for their own or for sale as an extra income both are good. Because of focusing and staying with themselves in "Personal space" is like leaving another world. It's good for their hearts. Sometimes, would like to reserve that space to admire alone. Some are ready to share with close people to have the opportunity to experience stories and experiences through various things.

Keep details of life in every space and corner.

Aside from aesthetically crafted minds, Sustainability and efficiency in every element Regarded as something that the Millennials value. Therefore, the dream house must be allocated for maximum benefit. Because many people are probably in the condition of "People have (many) things" Therefore must have as much storage space as possible. Enhance the layout of the house, whether big or small, appropriately to make the house look orderly. Functions that meet the real-life of staying at home are designed through many furniture. Both tables and cabinets Multi-function. Floating chairs that can be used for a variety of purposes. Including other furniture that has been modified to be able to store paraphernalia no need to leave items that all reflect the details and stories of life as well as hearsay.

Energy-saving technology Make it easy to live

Affecting the decision to buy houses and condominiums in the city Including the selection of furniture from natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal as the main. Reduce the creation of waste to the world at the least and open for "technology" that is not only friendly with nature but also must be smart to meet the lifestyle that is convenient and easy as well. Whether it's a home lock system that even the most forgotten can trust Voice commands and scheduling the operation of electrical appliances in the home automatically

When technology Design of home function that provides convenience. Combined with the lifestyle and identity of the residents. Making the Millennials home not just residential but an exhibition that tells many stories of life Ready to be designed as needed!
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