4 Real Odd Jobs in Thailand! Good Paying Job…You Won’t Believe Exist

There are thousands of jobs in this world that generate incomes enough for people to live their life. Do you know that there are unique and weird jobs out there? Apart from well-known professions such as physician, engineer, government officer, state agency employee or barista.  These jobs are so unusual jobs that it might raise your eyebrows. You might ask if they really exist!

Today, let us widen your horizon with these 4 good paying job opportunities that actually exists in Thailand.

Stay in a Haunted Room!!! (daily wage rate: 1,000+THB, or vary by size of location and intensity of work)

It became quite a sensation when a Fan Page called “hiring people to stay in a haunted room” or @Staywithghost appeared on social media. This Page was searching for brave and courageous people who were unafraid of mystique energy. Their quest was to stay in deserted houses, condominium or sealed apartment rooms with history of death inside the property, either by nature cause or homicide. The purpose was the proof of existence of haunted spirits or mysterious energy inside the place. This was an actual deal offered by businesses or real estate owners whom reputation has been stained by rumors. Consequently, losing lease agreement or resell opportunity of their properties. The hiring rate was at 1,000THB or more per day under the condition to stay on the property for more than 24 hours. Believe it or not!!?? Over ten thousands of people across nation applied for this jobs until the Page had to took down the job ads.

This job may offer an opportunity of good daily wage, but applicants must be aware of their own safety. There is a potential danger in living in an unknown place or risk of being attacked by intruders. Do not forget that human is more dangerous than ghosts. There is a danger for accidents, especially for run-down places. Therefore, be physically and emotionally prepared before taking on this job.

Product Testers (wage rate: 700-1,000THB/job)

The responsibility is to test new products, mostly snacks, and makeups from both well-known brands and new brands. The job itself is very simple, taste or try product and tell them your thought right on the money, including your impressions and recommendation for improvements. And you are good to go, take your money home. 

This job seems like an easy money but it also involved risks. The trial products that you are testing or tasting have yet to be competed, or certified by any standard. You are exposed to risks of allergy or even food poisoning. This job might not be suitable for people who are prone to allergy. These health-related risks might not worth the money. Hence, assess your own heath before accepting this job.

Paid TV Show Audience (wage rate:350-500THB/job)

“5 4 3 2 1 scream! And….clap your hands!” If you watch game shows, sitcom or other TV shows regularly, you might be familiar with loud screams and clapping noises from audiences.

This is a job where you help create fun and lively atmosphere of TV shows. It is considered as major component of Thai entertainment industry. Program producers are often responsible for recruiting audiences on TV shows based on hourly rates or number of attending programs. Some programs provides meal and beverage because you need to spend a whole day in the studio.

There are many perks for taking this job such as a chance to get up close and personal with your favorite celebrities or actors and you get to watch this show before anyone else in the world. Do not forget that this job requires some stamina and vocal power. The program might reshoot multiple times and you need to be actively involved. This job might tire you out or causing a sore throat, therefore make sure you are really up for this job. Deciding whether or not you are suitable for this job, based on your health and your own personality.

Facebook Live Fashion Cloths Seller (wage rate: 300-500THB/30-60 mins)

Ever since Facebook launched new Live feature, it became a new channel for celebrities and internet idols to increase their fan club base. New generation sellers seize this opportunity to make money by using Facebook Live instead of physical store channel. This method could reduce overhead costs and maximize profits. To attract customers as their Live followers, they invested on hiring eye candy girls and boys with good physique and selling techniques to sell their product via Facebook Live. The wage rate is approximately 300-500THB per 30-60 minutes.

This job helps seller sold their products without having to travel off site. However, this job has its own risk called “cyberbullying”. This could be one of your job choices, if you are certain of your emotional stability and good at handling stress.

All the jobs mentioned above offers opportunities for making additional income. Those who wish for success must know how to leverage opportunity given to them. This job ideas might give entrepreneurs some insights and inspire them to build their business similar to the quote “look for nearest opportunity”. The success will be within your grasp if you seize the opportunity and put the right man to the right job.