Even with COVID, the business didn't stop. Meet new business partners Through the online platform anytime anywhere

At this hour, we must admit that the outbreak of the virus, COVID-19 Severely affected both the general public and the business sector Various travels Must be stopped Because of concerns about communicable diseases. And one of the businesses that are directly affected is the international business Import-Export Who are facing the challenge of this major crisis ... cannot travel to contact customers the trade fair that used to be a chance to meet new partners to open new markets was canceled. The main market partners such as China were closed ... What to do?

Don't give up Because every time there is a crisis there are always new opportunities, new doors, new waters, waiting to open for those who want to always succeed. Cannot travel No trade fair Existing customers Maybe a sore spot but not the end Because online channels, ready platforms to help expand the business globally the door is open to receive anywhere, anytime.

It will be good When there is an online platform with business partners that have been selected and certified by leading banks as reliable Have good credit Gathered over 21,000 people from 51 countries around the world Waiting for Connect to expand the business with Thai entrepreneurs. No need to be infected Do not waste money, waste time traveling Do not be sad about the old market that is closed. COVID is not a crisis anymore. Skip over and walk onto the shortcut To new opportunities To penetrate the international market without restriction, you can contact, negotiate, order, close the sale immediately, the platform that makes the world down in your hands, but the business opportunity is ready to grow with no limit.

The only platform that has a wealth of international business knowledge, including Best Countries for Trade, Trade Shows, Customs Duties and Local Taxes, Sanctions lists, and more than 30 items. That many issues are tricky and complicated for many entrepreneurs. In addition, it also comes with business matching services with partners around the world that are certified by leading financial institutions. This platform is formed by the integration of 14 leading banking groups in the world, including Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Ati Jawa Riva Rafa Group, Bango BPM, Bango Santander. , Royal Bank of Canada, CIMB, Credit Agricole Group, Eurobank, KBC Group, Industrial Bank of Korea, MUFG, Norma Group, Siam Commercial Bank, And the Standard Bank Co-founded the "Trade Club Alliance" (TCA). By using smart technology such as Machine Learning and Cloud Computing to create an online network for entrepreneurs to connect with an unlimited network of international trading partners

Don't stop your business opportunity with traditional methods. Because today the world has changed the business environment is changing, whether it is about technology and new forms of competition. Changes and risks can always occur. Entering the new gateway in the business world is easier and more convenient with the technology provided by the SCB Trade Club to help entrepreneurs use their potential to increase sales and grow. As well as being able to cope with the current and future challenges sustainably. SCB Trade Club can perfectly meet the Thai business in the distraction era. With a diverse and reliable business network from all over the world integrated into one platform

Business customers interested in becoming a part of the global business network, SCB Trade Club, can request the business manager or SCB Business Call Center 0 2722 2222 without any charge.