Sampran Model: Model of Organic Tourism for Sustainable Development in Society

From a family business that pioneered Thailand's tourism for more than half a century, Khun Arus Nawarach, Managing Director, Suan Sampran. The 3rd generation descendant of Samphran Garden in the transitional era. Has changed the hotel/tourist business that is familiar to Thai people for many decades to be an organization that helps create changes for farmers to have a better life. By encouraging farmers to switch to organic farming Grow vegetables without chemicals and strive to adhere to the Organic Tourism approach to drive society. Is an example of a business that has good returns from doing good (Do Well and Do Good) according to modern marketing concepts.

Business "Suan Sampran" in the hands of the 3rd generation heir

The beginnings of the Samphran Gardens counted back in the year 2017. 1962, where Arus's grandmother bought a beautiful piece of land by the Tha Chin River. Which Grandma transformed into a rose garden plot for sale Then opened a restaurant selling Pad Thai and coconut cream ice cream. People began to come and call this garden "Rose Garden" that we are familiar with. And from the grandmother bought a Thai house from the villagers to build new 7 houses, which is called Thai Village. In addition, Thai tourism became famous over 50 years ago. The Damnoen Saduak floating market Is a famous tourist destination among foreign tourists. Therefore, is a turning point for Sampran Park Entering the tourism business seriously. In 1970s, Sampran Park was a stopover for tourists visiting the floating market. While watching a show at the Thai village During the booming business, there are 2,000 tourists per day.

However, in the latter, the era has changed. Tourists have more choices. And this type of tourist activity began to spread everywhere Tourists become less. As the 3rd generation of Samphran's successor, Arus must find a strategy to recover the family business situation.

"Organic agriculture" is the turning point.

From Khun Arus is interested in healthy food Therefore have the idea to grow organic vegetables on the other side of the river, opposite Sampran Garden. The hotel gardener is not an expert in agriculture. Arus, therefore, went to ask for knowledge with farmers in the area. Which is considered a new world opening for Khun Arus to ask the question "Why buy agricultural products through middlemen?" Which people who come to the Suk Jai Market also come to the Sampran Garden too. Regarded as the selling point of the hotel and farmers also have income from the sale of goods at the Sukjai Market, in addition to delivering products to the hotel.

Because farmers in the area were able to produce vegetables and fruits to send to Sampran Gardens. Became “Patom Organic Farm" that has been certified with international standards. In which Arus and the Sampran garden teamwork with farmers in the area of ​​organic vegetable growing. And the Suan Sampran hotel was bought as a healthy raw material for guests staying. At the same time, Khun Arus initiated Sampran Park to have hand-on experience in organic farming for tourists. By changing the Thai village Formerly used to display the show as "Patom Organic Village" Organize organic processing products that focus on allowing visitors to participate in the activities. Including the opening of a Suk Jai market organic farming market adjacent to the Thai village. That allows farmers to open a stall selling organic crops

Organic farming is a turning point for improving the lives of farmers. From the original, the use of chemicals that affect the health of farmers and causing debt because chemicals are more expensive every year. Lead to a worse environment, disease and insect resistance and circling back to the need to use stronger chemicals. However, distribution through middlemen causing crops to reach consumers at a high price. At the same time, consumers lack knowledge about the effects of pesticide residues and there are few organic purchasing sources. When switching to organic farming agricultural health has improved and agricultural costs can also be reduced and free from debt. Also, the environment is improved. For those who are alert about organic agriculture and have access to organic produce at a fair and reliable price through a fair mediator is a balanced diet system. Pushing society better in the big picture.

Reorganization - join hands with partners to create a business that drives society

For Sampran today Arus doesn't see herself as a hotel business. But want to be an area to inspire learning for change and deliver value to customers. Which is divided into 3 axes which are Suan Sampran, which has hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, gardens. With "Sampran model" which is a model to support society consisting of the Suk Jai Society Foundation, Suk Jai Organic Social Business and Sampran Model Academy is another axis. And finish with "Tatom Organic Living" with organic lifestyle products such as Patom Organic Café, Bangkok, Patom Organic Bar, Patom Organic Farm, etc.

Khun Arus emphasized that the involvement of organizations in this type of society does not require additional investment. But important to change the way you think out of the original framework. For example, chefs who used to cook according to menus that bought ingredients from middlemen. But organic vegetables from local farmers daily are limited. Chefs must change to try new menus that can be made from organic ingredients that day. Which employees will accept this change? We must communicate to them about the common ideology of driving society is meaningful work.

And the heart of the Samphran model is alliances (Partnership) consisting of farmers Group of organic agricultural entrepreneurs (SME), Entrepreneurs who do business in support of society (Inclusive Business), active consumers who are responsible (Active Consumer) to be a leader to change to create a better society. With each side exchanging, learning and doing fair trade with each other It builds trust (Trust) through the certification system. All of this leads to increased capacity and knowledge management by the Sampran Model Academy.

Organic Tourism encourages customers to participate in creating a sustainable society

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) data, Conscious Traveler is the most popular tourist group. Which are the tourists who want to create change Most are tourists from Scandinavian countries. A business that supports society that connects from upstream to downstream. Therefore, is a learning journey selling experience creating value for this group of customers

Nowadays, there is a group of hotel operators and restaurants that agree with the concept of Organic Tourism that drives society with organic products, presenting customers who come to travel. For example, the hotel cooks dishes from organic vegetables for guests. For example, hotels cook food menus from hotels and restaurants. Is the link between producers and consumers Organic vegetables for the guests. Which, in addition to organic products is good for health. Clients know that they have helped farmers because the money he pays goes directly to farmers.