Advance payment but don't get the product, the risk of import business

The true story that international businesspeople face

The risk of the importer paying for the product in advance or paying the deposit but not receive the products by Khun Chitphon Phanchaisri, Cute Products Plus company will tell both the fun and the risk of importing the cute products. From abroad to sell in our country

The origin of cuteness

I like to eat, like to find delicious things, to find good things. One day, go to drink a drink. And feel very delicious. Why is Thailand not available for sale? With the feeling that when we bring it to dad Mother or friend eating him happy. Saw his happiness when he said that he likes it, it is delicious, wants to buy, wants to eat. " Khun Mac Chitphol Phanchaisri, CEO, Cute Products Plus Co., Ltd., Importer of beverages and desserts from abroad to sell in Thailand. Talks about the starting point of doing business. The first product was a beverage. After that, it started to import snacks and snacks, doing business for about 8 years. Currently, there are approximately 1,000 SKU products in the network. The company has the concept of delivering happiness to general people. Then he opened the company to import and we went to find delicious goods from all over the world. The company name is Cute Product Plus. Therefore, the items that I imported must be delicious. Looks good and cute like the company name. "

Where are imported from and how are they sold?

Khun Mac says that 60% of the products are from Japan, 20% are from Italy or Europe, the rest are in Asia, such as Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Korea. By focusing on the middle to upper-level markets Therefore, it is available in large modern trade, in leading supermarkets and convenient stores of almost every brand.

Sometimes, doing business is not always cute like the name

"There are some things in doing business. I think everyone has a wound already. But it also depends on our management and planning as well, "said Khun Mac. And then described the methods of importing products to sell, including traveling to that country in order to see the product, if interested, try to find a connection to contact. Another way is to go to the trade fair. Which the step is to select to see products If interested, contact and then buy and sell Which must be negotiated regarding trading conditions Mostly, if finding the right product from the trade fair. Which both buyers and sellers have never known before, will use the principle of TT or Advance which is to pay first the seller will deliver the item. The risk here is that Can I trust him. Can he trust me? " In fact, the risk can occur on both sides, both the seller and the buyer. The seller himself is not sure about the buyer if he ordered the item and didn't pay. The seller must, therefore, be asked to pay for the product in advance to deliver. As for the buyers who have already paid, they also must be afraid of whether they will get the real thing or not. Lose money or not. In some cases, the seller may have a lenient condition that a deposit is to be placed the risk is less. But even if the money is small but encountering unfaithful sellers who do not deliver the products is also a risk, although the money may not be that much.

Have a beautiful booth at the trade fair but some cannot be trusted

Khun Mac talks about one case that he spoke with a company in Europe. This company also has a huge booth at the trade fair and has a license to sell products. Which overall the company has an image with a certain level of reliability Mac has been in contact with this company for a while and is preparing to order products but has not received orders. Haven't transferred money. Friends In foreign countries that do business too, call to ask if he has transferred money or Ordered products from that company or not? Because now that company cannot reach Which is astounding because this company has been in business for ten years and sales are in the billions Distributing products to at least 20 countries. "Their port is very good. They come to the fair every year. I meet them for 3-4 years. For the first year, a few events. Which is very fortunate that we have not transferred money before, "said Khun. Mac of his experience.

A better solution than Trade Fair

Khun Mac goes on to say that, in principle, if you can negotiate with a partner, you will get a credit term or a small deposit. But also depends on the partner's side as to how confident they are to us. Most of the partners will ask what we do. How many ports How is the company How many years has it been? Who are the customers who have been checking each other? But nowadays, I have met with SCB which has Trade Club platform which can find partners Able to find suppliers overseas. And SCB already has connections with banks in that country. If the bank chooses the most, it is guaranteed to be 90% sure that it is a good customer of the bank. And I think that should help build confidence between each other, and the system of the SCB Trade Club must already be registered to become a member, the people who will become members here must be SCB customers first. And SCB will check the background in which other banks in foreign trade clubs must have the same principles. So here, the bank will come to help check the profile Now I'm confident to buy and sell. " Khun Mac talks about a new way to find a partner and suppliers like SCB Trade Club that gives both buyers and sellers more confidence because all trade partners that are members of the Trade Club have been selected by leading banks in that country. Has come to be reliable and with good financial credit.

Walked out of risks and concerns in doing import and export business. Let SCB Trade Club be a connection between you and partners from around the world that have been selected from 14 leading banks. Can check the history Information of partners by themselves online. Business customers who are interested in becoming a part of the global business network, SCB Trade Club, can request the business relations manager or SCB Business Call Center 0 2722 2222.