Soft loan to increase business liquidity Allies can pull hands to overcome the crisis

Water helps to nourish trees. Financial liquidity is like water that nourishes SME businesses. The crisis is more than an opportunity, but the crisis also shows who is a true friend. Friends ready to reach out to help, even without asking. Friends that are ready to pull our hands out of difficult times.

“In times of suffering, we see lovers When we are in trouble, we see a friend who is with us, which is very important. When we're comfortable, the people who come in, we see, but don't see what is inside. Today, when we have a hard time, we see people from inside. Think it's worth the time we encounter hardship and we get real friends is a good thing. "Khun Tee Pattanapong Ranurak and Khun Tong Tanet Jirasavekdilok, two men with positive mind and the founders of divana spa share their impressions of their true friends who are business partners and good coaches. That allows them to both increases financial liquidity and lead business and every life of the divana family through this great crisis.

No matter how strong they are, it still hurts when encountering a crisis beyond crisis

Even businesses that have grown for over 20 years and have expanded a variety of business lines Both luxury spa Various spa products Beauty clinics, skincare cafes, as well as spa schools. Famous brands like divana emphasize the sustainability of doing business by creating a diverse customer base, both Thai and foreign, from around the world Including corporate, duty-free customers, airlines, and hotels. The system comes in a good variety of products, services, and customer base. But divana still barely stood because of the poison of Covid 19. Although the thought that preparation has always been, this crisis is more serious than all the crises that have been past. "We began to know that China has an impact Still think that it can be controlled in China Because the Chinese customer base is around 10% only. Thought that he was prepared because we did not know how the disease spread. Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and Korean people were infected, but we still could stay because we have expanded our customer base to Thai people. After a while, the government ordered to close. Close the restaurant first. Then we changed the restaurant to delivery. Later, closed all 4 clinics. It is good that we do vitamin supplements, then started selling vitamins. Next, close the spa. All are closed. Even Thai people still cannot use the service. I was surprised that it was a big issue. Khun Tee tells the beginning of a new major crisis that is currently facing. Although divana started with a crisis, they were layoffs from the airline. And during the twenty years of doing business, there have been many crises, including SARS, avian influenza, floods, or politics. But both can still bring the divana family through the windy waves every time. But this time it was special because of the longitudinal effects that had never been experienced before.

The more difficult the more you get. The crisis is a lesson that must be passed

"We remind ourselves that every time there is a crisis, of course, it is difficult. The important thing is our mind or attitude. We believe that this crisis will be a lesson we must go through. I have a word of encouragement: "The more difficult it is the more you get" Teachings of Somdej Phra Wanrat. Which made them always look at the positive side that, ultimately, when gritting through hardships Will receive good things Is a reward of patience. From what it used to be, preparations used to take 3 months and 6 months, but now the institution is unpredictable. I don't know if it's good or bad today. Therefore, must adapt every day Every time according to government policy. "The challenge is difficult but deep inside still having fun with management matters. We think that we are fortunate that we have a chance to manage in the most difficult time in our lives. " Both of them must pass through not only the body but the heart. And not just passing but having to pass well. "The important thing is that we try to keep people as long as possible and still take good care of them. As much as physical strength and encouragement we have. It shows the importance of caring for employees, which is considered a divana family to the fullest.

To survive must adjust strategy

Khun Tong told us about the strategy to survive that the first thing is to reduce costs. Had to talk to the landlord to ask to reduce the rent. When there is no income must do anything at the lowest cost. And staff salaries because both parts are fix costs. And how to set up a system for employees to look after them if possible and stay together safely to the end of the crisis. The second part is earning money. The only main way left is online. Which must adjust all the models, whether it is for cafes, food, selling products that can be done online or even the clinic. Which requires rapid adjustment and adjustment It's not just a channel or a way for us to go It starts with the mindset of every employee. Because originally divana employees are mainly skilled in-service work. When had to change online, the mindset must be rearranged as this is the only way that this ship will survive the giant wave-like COVID. Must learn how to have a way to bring divan's identity online and reach customers fully and perfectly during the intense competition as it is the only way in the real world. "It is a very serious and challenge for us. But one thing that we think all the time is that the more difficult it is the more you get, and every crisis has a chance. We believe that if the COVID incident has passed, we will be much better in the online world and we will be able to combine both online and offline together to fulfill the customer's needs perfectly " Khun Tong tells us about business strategies adjustment and is confident that devoting all the power available will enable divana to reach his desired goals.

See true friends through the crisis

"Unable to collect the debt, no income, everything was blocked but money still has to flow out. But what we are lucky is that we have a good friend who is a Siam Commercial Bank” Khun Tee continues with the gratitude received from a true friend. "What we have received is a lot. The SCB RM team came in to take care even though we have not yet to say that we were experiencing problems. " SCB RM offered with low-interest loans. By telling Khun Tee that you take it first in case you need it. Talked for about a week, then transfer money. Then told him that he was trying to make another loan which was issued by the Bank of Thailand which is a loan that does not have to pay interest for 6 months. Which the SCB considers that divana should be qualified Because the bookkeeping is correct in accordance with the Revenue Department rules. Which also occurred from the consultation from SCB as well. "We have a good coach. When we changed our accounting system, we knew that the cost was great. Management fees, accounting, or taxes are a lot. But today, we know that when we do something right when someone comes to help us, it's easy. " Khun Tee shares the good fortune of following SCB's advice on how to adjust your accounting system. "We are glad that the bank taught us to be good people. When we are good people, we got help. It's a good feeling when we have a crisis or a difficult time. Then we were cheered, it's not just about money. "Khun Tee talked about the encouragement from SCB as both a partner and a good coach. Although Tee and Khun Tong have already prepared some money for this crisis when the situation of COVID is quite long and endless, getting this lump sum helps to make both work easier. Khun Tee and Khun Tong view that the SCB team is like brothers and sisters who send encouragement through various resources, not only in terms of financial resources but also helps to promote the products through various channels as well. Which causes the top-up amount to come in. This, even today, does not think about profit, just think about how to make the employees have money to spend until the day of the situation improves and the business began to return to the same or better in the future. "We will stick to do good things. Honesty and governance to set an example for the new generation of SMEs that when you do good, there will be a lot of people to help you, "said Khun Tee with a smile, even when facing a major crisis.

Soft loan extends the SME’ s breath

"This crisis has been helped by SCB very quickly. Soft Loan, we got quickly and in time with the incident. One important reason is that we have been looked after by SCB before the incident. Fortunately, we have professionals. As a consultant Came to help take care and plan the backyard system for us from the beginning. Whether it is financial matters, payroll issues, and other matters. Once the incident occurred, everything seemed to be already being prepared. " Khun Tong told us about the good advice and the full assistance from SCB which makes the smooth loan application smooth and fast. This crisis makes Khun Tong become clearer that cash flow is the breath of an indispensable SME. And although the business is good, if at one point lacking in liquidity can make a business collapse.

Fortunately, SCB helped prepare the divana from the beginning, in terms of documentation, preparation. Because once the measure is approved, it will be able to get the soft loan as soon as possible"Actually, a lot of documents, both from SCB and those of the Bank of Thailand. But with trust and a good partner, RM is always there, bringing all the documents to sign at home. What happened was that when the measure came out at the beginning of the month in less than a month, everything was very neat. Just in time, we had to pay the employees' salaries. " Tee talked about the full help from SCB in helping to get the Soft Loan from Bank of Thailand in time. Which is a loan that does not pay interest for 6 months, 2 years later to pay only 2% low interest, which is almost a grant that helps both to lead the company through the crisis and can also look after the employees to continue to have income "We will bring everyone back to work. We will be committed to creating jobs and income for the Thai people. Because having work is the value of people, we will adhere to this We will make the most use of the resources we have acquired. Build sustainability Try to make this as useful and sustainable as possible, "said Khun Tong.

The lesson learned from COVID is not to be careless about life. Always be mindful Have a good attitude ready to adapt to events that will occur all the time. And the important thing is to have friends or have good business partners ready to be side by side, whether it is a prosperous day or in difficult times. Let SCB SME be a friend to walk by your side. Support your business to grow and overcome the crisis. Because we believe in the potential of Thai SMEs. SMEs interested in applying for a Soft Loan can contact your Relationship Manager or call the Call Center at 02-7222222.