Alerts for loan requests

You will be notified once we receive your loan requests. You can submit additional supporting documents via SCB Connect and be notified of the result once completed.


Payment reminder when the due date is approaching

Never miss paying your loan bills. SCB Connect will remind you 3 days before the due date and you will be notified after the Bank has received your payment so you can rest assured your loan has been paid. Loan accounts that can be added in SCB Connect:

  • Personal loans
  • Home loans
  • Car loans


Thank you messages for your payment

After you have paid for your loans: personal loan, home loan or car loan, and the payment is confirmed by the Bank, SCB Connect will instantly send you payment confirmation messages.


Generate a barcode for loan payment

A service to help you generate a barcode of each loan account that you have added in SCB Connect so you can simply use a barcode to pay at SCB's ATM or our banking agents.


  • The barcode generated is the same barcode displayed in your loan statement.
  • The barcode is displayed as a picture that you can save for future use.
  • Once tapped on, the barcode will be enlarged to make it easy for payment at the Bank's touchpoints, e.g. ATM, CDM, Counter Service or other banking agents.

หมายเหตุ :

  • Please set the brightness of your monitor to the maximum so that the barcode is clear and easy to scan.
  • Once the barcode is scanned, loan account number will be entered automatically, you simply enter the amount to pay.