Chatbot Manee

More convenient way to check your credit card details such as credit used, available balance, credit limit, and loan details such as amount to pay in the latest billing cycle, total amount to pay via chatbot on SCB Connect.

"Manee", your new personal assistant and "Manee Live Agents"

Right beside you 24/7 to give helpful information and facilitate your loan application to make it as easy as chatting via LINE application.

"Manee Live Agents" are ready to answer your questions without calling to SCB call center especially when you are living abroad.


View credit card and loan balance

You can view your card details that you have added to SCB Connect such as remaining balance and amount to pay.

For loan customers, you can view your loan details such as outstanding balance, amount to pay, interest rate and fees on SCB Connect.

Credit cards/ Speedy cash cards


View application status by yourself

Check your latest credit card/ speedy cash card and personal loan application status anytime via chatbot service on SCB Connect.

How to use

Barcode Generator

No barcode, no problem. You can generate new barcode by yourself anytime to pay at SCB's ATM/CDM or Banking Agent.

Credit cards/ Speedy cash cards


Exclusive Services (Special privileges for SCB Connect customers)

Enjoy exclusive services for SCB Connect customers only:

  • My Rewards
  • EASY Q - Branch online queue booking
  • SCB NEAR ME - Find SCB services near you(SCB NEAR ME)