Quality of Life and Community Development

Helping local communities and society to better meet basic human needs; to improve standards of health and living; and to develop financial discipline will all help the nation achieve sustainable progress.

Siam Commercial Bank believes that people who enjoy a good quality of life and strong health will be better able to fulfill their roles and duties in supporting society. And so SCB has implemented various projects to improve quality of life, especially by promoting better health through working with other charitable organizations as well as through donations.

The Bank also focuses on enhancing local economic and social development by enlisting local wisdom to create value in local products and services so as to create jobs and income. We likewise work to promote financial literacy and savings discipline. The Bank supports community development in various ways, especially by helping strengthen local economies. Having a solid economic foundation enables a community to be self-reliant. This might involve developing a cooperative or a professional group to become a community enterprise that provides economic security and improves local resilience amid marketplace pressures. The Bank supports the philosophy of the Sufficiency Economy as a guideline for knowledge management and economic immunity to help local communities achieve self-sufficiency. The Bank has a policy to promote the activities of the various charitable organizations that carry on Royal Initiatives for the well-being of the people, such as Pidthong - The Royal Initiative Discovery Foundation and Mae Fah Luang Foundation Under Royal Patronage. These initiatives have achieved successes that can be shared through cooperative efforts so as to expand the benefits.