Social Enterprise Promotion Program for Sustainable Development Project

Siam Commercial Bank believes individuals and their local communities can manage their own problems by trying to drive their own development rather than receiving development from outside. Self-reliance can help establish a solid foundation for socio-economic development and conservation of the environment throughout the country. With this in mind, the Bank  works to promote social enterprises for sustainable development in cooperation with government agencies, the private sector and four foundations, namely, The Pidthong Royal Initiative Discovery Foundation, the Mae Fah Luang Foundation, Thailand Sustainable Development Foundation and the Rakkaew Foundation. One idea is to combine agriculture plots, which encourages farmers to collaborate on the same product, plan, transfer knowledge, exchange ideas, supplying input, and plan marketing together. This can help to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve product quality and build market support. This increases the opportunities and enhances product competitiveness. All organizations that support the project serve as mentors by sharing their knowledge, technology and management skills in order to make the project successful and sustainable.