SCB, Let's Do Good for the Community

Siam Commercial Bank launched the SCB, Let's Do Good program in 2008 to cultivate civic awareness and a culture of sharing. It aims to empower employees around the country to volunteer to help plan and undertake long-term community activities and initiatives. The main focus is to support sustainability and serve the real needs of the community.


SCB, Let's Do Good promotes community-based activities, opportunities for disadvantaged people and volunteer projects such as:

  • Mobile Blood Donation: Bank employees volunteer to help the Thai Red Cross facilitate blood donors


  • SCB, Let's Share: This activity involves exchanging used goods to help improve quality of life for children and needy communities


  • Sharing for Disadvantaged People: This activity helps people donate funds and goods to support medical care for the needy


  • Art, Culture and Heritage Conservation Activities: Bank management and employees in the provinces participate in local traditions to support the continued transmission of community heritage


  • Community Service Activities: Bank volunteers help community activities by operating booths serving food and water, as well as by serving people attending community events.


All of these activities promote the value of helping others as a powerful force for good in society. Each year, more than 2,000 Bank volunteers join SCB, Let's Do Good. This spirit of volunteerism and sharing has helped foster a strong network of Bank participants in all regions of the nation.