How to shop online safely

When there is an event that causes us to not want to leave the house Whether the matter of the epidemic or the weather is hot and humid Including toxic PM 2.5 dust that has not yet faded away Causing more and more people to shop online. There are many payment methods when buying products online. Both cash on delivery Cut from a bank account or various wallet accounts. The most convenient way for buyers to buy is to collect the destination. But in the corner of the online store the collection of destinations is at risk of not receiving money from the buyer either. Although there is currently an intermediary in the collection of destinations. But there are still many limitations and inconveniences. Such as the employee sending the product without change, change of money is not complete as well as change the money with old or damaged banknotes Until causing some buyers to be dissatisfied and Cancel the purchase. Causing the seller to pay shipping costs and various fees for free become a rising cost


Currently, many online stores do not accept late payment methods. Make credit cards become a more popular option. Because it is quite safe for both parties Can use online shopping worldwide and always have good promotions from spending regularly to cardholders Whether discount Collecting points to redeem privileges or cashback. Importantly, if the product or service that we ordered has a problem or does not meet the requirements We are also able to cancel payments more easily than debiting funds from accounts.

For online shopping to get quality products Exactly as ordered Must be considered carefully in the process of choosing, purchasing, and receiving products. With the following special attention

Online shopping

  • Do not use free public WI-FI that does not know where to go while shopping online. And shop via personal devices only to prevent the theft of data from criminals

  • Shop via application Or trusted sellers only

  • Read the conditions for online shopping before use. In order to know the process of ordering, Method of payment, Error notification during operation, Product inspection, Refund or product policies When not receiving the product or the product has a problem

  • Gradually select products and compare with other online stores that sell the same product Both in terms of store reliability, price, quality of delivery, as well as reviews from real buyers in making decisions.

  • Some products that need to know the size, color/pattern or number of pieces in the package If the online stores provide insufficient information to decide Should not be ordered Because the product might not meet the requirements

Ordering products online

  • Check name-surname Delivery address and our contact number to be correct

  • See how long each delivery takes, how many days it takes. Is it convenient for us to receive the product? In time to be used or not

  • Do not order products on the internet or the device that we are using has problems. Such as the machine running slowly Bad internet signal Because there may be an error between the purchase and payment.

  • Keep proof of purchase as evidence every time. If you are not sure whether the order will include all our product details and payment details Take a screenshot of the product details and the amount of money that we paid.

  • Anyone new to online shopping May starts with a small purchase order or looking for a store that has the cash collection options first for peace of mind


Product inspection

  • In the case that the shop comes to deliver the product by oneself Check the products in front of the delivery staff. The product must match the receipt. While also viewing the expiration date for products that have a usage period If something goes wrong, notify the store's delivery staff. And requesting details on returning or exchanging products While also taking pictures as evidence

  • In the case of stores using delivery service Should take pictures of received products For the products that are in the parcel Should shoot video while unpacking If the products are not complete, damaged, or not up to standard Will have evidence to support refunds Product change Or withholding payments

  • After receiving the product, the package should be cleaned. And packaging before storing or using

  • In the case of paying by credit card When receiving the credit card statement Hurry to check if it matches the amount we spend or not. If not, the faster we know it will be able to solve the problem quickly. By contacting the card center of the card-issuing bank 24 hours a day

Online shopping aside from being convenient There are still many products to choose from. Responding to the lifestyles of people today. Especially in unusual conditions such as the epidemic of the COVID-19 virus, which makes all roads go online. Not just consumers but including a new group of sellers too Which is considered a good thing to create price competition, quality of products, and services that are more beneficial to consumers. But at the same time do not neglect the safety of use. Because regardless of the method All have advantages and the disadvantage lies in. So please shop consciously, Discipline in spending, and know how to use various technologies to maximize one's self.