Urgent project: Find money for home renovation for mom

This is my story that I want to tell you. I am a normal person who has studied to finish a bachelor's degree and then work as a professional salaryman. Who is a salaryman would understand the situation? A middle-level office worker does not have a lot of income. To just have enough money to spend each month is considered normal. Because there are many expenditures, including home payment, travel, food, clothing, water, electricity, telephone, and other various expenses. Even I am not spending a lot, I almost don’t have any saving. When I had an emergency matter it drove me even more crazy. Like two years ago when my mother had to admitted to the hospital suddenly. At that time, I realized that having extra money for an emergency case is necessary.

On the night of about 2 o'clock at night, my mother poked me while I was sleeping. Bee, I am not sure what is wrong with me. I cannot move my arms and my legs at all “I suddenly woke up and asked my mom “Are you okay, where do you have a pain”. My mom said “No No” I decided to take my mother to the hospital. At first, the mother refused to go. Said that it was late in the morning better. I did not listen to her then ran out of the house and press the bell at the house next door. This house has cars. Uncle Saman turned on the light. I told him that my mother was seriously ill. Uncle Saman is very kind. Rushed to drive my mom to the hospital and got to the emergency room immediately. It turns out that she had an ischemic stroke . The doctor said that luckily that she got to the hospital within 3 hours. If more than this, the opportunity to be disabled is very high.

I sat in front of the emergency room from 3 am to 9 am and my mother was still inside. I went inside the room several times to see her. She said the doctor already gave her fibrinolytic drugs. She had Bell's Palsy and asked me “Did you eat yet?” I smiled and told my mother not to worry.
At that time, I was stress out, afraid that my mom will get worse. I only know that I must overcome this obstacle. Not too long, the troubling came to me again. The finance called me to pay the first payment of 6,000 baht and then paid several times. In total my mom was in the hospital for 6 days with a total treatment fee of over 60,000 baht.

Nevertheless, the third wave of troubling happened. When returning home mother's limbs were too weak to walk up the stairs. My house is a townhouse that when enter will find a living room next to the kitchen. There is no place for the mother to live. I decided to renovate the original kitchen into mom's bedroom and build a new kitchen behind the house. I rushed to find a contractor near home, they asked for the labor cost for 40,000 baht and material minimum around 60,000 – 70,000 baht.

Honestly, at that time I could not think and already did not have enough money to spend. Because I already paid 60,000 baht for her treatment and still had to pay another 100,000 baht for the house. I decided to ask for money from a brother. It appears that he has just started a new business, so he did not have much money. He transferred 30,000 baht, plus my saving 40,000 baht, which is enough to pay for my mother's treatment. But not enough to make a new bedroom for mom. I decided to pay the hospital first and then do the bedroom for mom.

Over the past 3 months, mom lay at the futon in the living room without a bed.
It’s hard to stand or walk somewhere she needed the walkers. The bathroom is quite far away, and I was still afraid that in the middle of the day when my mother is at home alone will she fall? She was hobbling and when I saw her I felt bad. I asked her, is it uncomfortable to stay in the Livingroom. She said, “I am fine” Probably because did not want to make her child worry. She never complained at all. One day, I was busy at work and went home late. I slowly walked pass my mother who was sleeping. The light outside the house shines to see the thin body of my mother. Her body is already emaciated, just only the thin skin covering the bones.  The wrinkled skin was lying on the mattress. Her arms and legs were thinner from the original. Seeing the condition of mom lying in the living room, made me feel depressed. Did I tell myself, why wait? Why can't I make my mother more comfortable now? Why do I have to wait to collect some money? Why don't I do anything better and do it now?

I decided to pick up a mobile phone, call my brother to borrow more money. He said that he had no money. I'm still tried hard. I called my uncle to borrow money from him. He said he already retired and did not have much. Then call Ple my close friend, she claimed that she did not have money. I could not imagine that a close friend who was a friend since childhood would reject me like this. At that time, I felt totally numb. No one can help me and unconscious tore. When we were impoverished, everything seemed dark. At that time, I didn't really know how to rely on anyone.

At that time, I saw a notification in the SCB Easy app. Apply for a personal loan. No personal guarantees required. I immediately decided to apply through the app. Just a short time, there is an SMS informing that the loan has been approved. I almost didn't believe my eyes. Hurried to call the contractor to come to build the bedroom for mom and immediately build a new kitchen behind the house.

Just 15 days, mom got a new bedroom. The room has a bed and thick mattress that made her to sit up more easily. There is a seat like a potter beside the bed. At night, mom didn't have to get up and walk into the bathroom anymore. It is obvious that mom was much happier from this convenience. At first, mom was worried about money. But when I saw her having a better quality of life, I was very happy.

When I sit down and review all the story that passed into my life, I was realized that sometimes, some things may not be able to wait to do. If knowing that making a new bedroom will make the mom this happy, I would hurry to do it from the first day. I will not waste time thinking that I must save up money to make my mother happy. Because if I wait to do when I am ready, mom may not be with me anymore. Even now, I will have an increased burden of debt, I was happy to make my mother happy. And I think that sometimes debt is not always bad. We do not owe the unnecessary extravagance but owed to create a happy. It is a personal loan that is made for our love one.