Someone wrongly transferred money to my account, what to do

Sometimes, small things can cause us more problems than we think. Or being too good May bring danger to yourself as well. Like money matters, suddenly there are people who transfer the wrong money into our account. Which seems to be nothing Who sent the wrong money? We then transfer the money back. But, if we and the account owner are well known, such as a close friend or family member Can be transferred back to each other, nothing wrong. But if we do not know the transferor or may know only superficial, such as from online shopping, in a hurry to transfer the money back. The conclusion of the story may not end as you think.


The matter of the story is the wrong money transfer Maybe due to the intent of frauds, such as those who transfer money wrongly may order illegal goods. Therefore, avoid being checked for money transfer routes by transferring to someone's account instead. In this case, if we transfer money back May also be considered an offender as well. Therefore, when someone who does not know contact that there is a wrong transfer in to our account, do not hurry to ask for the account number in order to transfer the money back. But notice that the person will mainly contact us to provide details of the wrong transfer or contact to request personal information from us. And expedited us to transfer money back right away Which if it is a true money transfer those who call us should be officers from the bank. And we must not rush us to transfer the money back.

When receiving a wrong transfer transaction to our account What the contact must notify us is Contact from which bank? What is wrong with the transaction, when, during which period, and how much is it? And how is the transaction made? Importantly, once we have finished talking, ask for the name-surname and the contact number of the person who called us. Then ask for time to check first whether the wrong account has been transferred according to the information reported.

After hanging up Please check our account first to see if there is any transfer as reported. If you have Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, you can go to check the transaction straight away. But if there isn't, may ask the bank's call center to check the money transfer. If verified, the wrong account is transferred. The bank will contact us to allow the bank to take the money back to the source account. Which we do not need to transfer by ourselves Which the bank will report the transaction results to us to keep as evidence but if we ignore the refund May be prosecuted for fraud of property other than their own will

For those who are worried that One day may be called to transfer money from criminals. For safety, We can also report to the police station to record in another way as well. At least there is evidence that comes to our innocence.

In summary, this matter is prudent. Money is not ours when someone wrongly transferred Must find a correct management method so that it will not be in trouble later. Then check the information before transferring successfully so you don't have to waste time following and asking.