8 Tips to Fight Against COVID-19

It’s hard to refuse that COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our life. Many people have to stay home to protect themselves from viruses and lessen the burden for medical officials who are working tremendously hard in the hospitals. Staying home makes us feel good at first but as time goes by and we don’t meet others, we may be stressed, lonely and sad. The negative energy may happen and you start getting more frustrated and unpleasant. 

Don’t let pessimism control us. Follow these 8 tips which may help you stop negative thoughts as the world is full of optimistic sides. 

1. Thanks to good things that come to your life

Try to express your gratefulness for good things happening to you every day even if they’re trivial but will more or less make your day. For example, enjoying a bright sky, a little sunshine, and a cool breeze. A little thing means so much. Specifically, say thank you to those who do good deeds for you in order to forward your happiness to others. The word “Thank you” is priceless, so simple, and it boosts positive energy and delight to those around us. Say it! 


2.Realize about controllable and uncontrollable matters

Don’t try to control everything as it’s impossible and you’ll be free tired. You’d better realize what is controllable and what is not, and then accept it to get rid of negative thoughts. Try to understand that some matters are out of our control and we alone can’t do anything. For example, you can’t force the COVID-19 situation to disappear but you can protect yourself such as wearing a mask, washing hands, consuming hygienic food, and avoiding touching your face. Don’t be stressed and do the best you can. 

3. Consciously consume the news and ignore the bad ones 

Many organizations have addressed many concerns on COVID-19 but don’t panic about its outbreak. We should be aware of it and find ways to protect ourselves but don’t overwhelm with that information. If you feel depressed about social media, leave your mobile phone for a while and do something pleasurable instead. Seeing things as they are and practice “Social Detoxing, that is to be conscious before you believe in what you see or hear. Perhaps, things are not that bad or threatening like they were shared on social media.

4. Practice meditation to energize body and mind

Did you know that a giant technology company like Google has arranged meditation courses for its employees since 2007 under the Search Inside Yourself Program? They believe that this course will increase performance efficiency and leadership skill and most importantly, leverage your happiness. Google training is not complicated; it emphasizes quality and continuity. You focus on breathing in and out, perceiving annoyances and ignoring them, and concentrating on your breath. When your mind is peaceful, your thoughts will not be distracted and you can tolerate negative surroundings. Start practicing meditation at least 1-2 minutes a day and keep going until you make it 100 minutes. You’ll certainly be content and live happily in the present moment.

5. Write about your thoughts

Writing is an emotional relief. You can write anything about your stress, frustration, and whatever you’re thinking about. Get a notebook and a pen and then start recording your story. Do that every day and read what you write daily to check and review what you think. You may check if you still think like that at the moment. You’ll understand your life more and may have a new ideas to apply for your work in the future. After a while, writing and reading skills will be surely improved.

6. Force yourself to smile widely

Always smile even on your bad day because a smile can release our tension. Everyone will be in a good mood when seeing people smile and my smile in return. During the COVID-19 crisis, many people lock themselves down in the house and don’t see others so they wonder why they need smiling. Just standing in front of the mirror and smile at the person you see, and you’ll be happy with that. For those who work from home and join the meeting via video conference, you may smile at the attendants to create a joyful atmosphere. Smile more often although you don’t feel like doing that. Believe it or not! A smile is a magic medicine that can really ease your stress. Have you smiled today? 

7. Consume healthy food

A lot of research finds that food has an impact on consumer emotions. If we let our emotions sad, lonely, and tense, there’s nothing good for us, especially those around us. It’s worse if you let yourself hungry as you’ll be even more frustrated. Consuming good food will boost positive emotions. During the pandemic, while staying home for a long period, you may feel uncomfortable and tired. Just turn on your mobile phone and order your favorite food and enjoy it, you’ll certainly feel so good. For better health value, try to order food that contains fish with Omega-3, green veggies with folic acid, berries containing vitamin C, and a variety of antioxidants. Those who are highly stressful, have a bite of dark chocolate. That really helps! 

8.Regular exercise at least 30 minutes

Stretching your hands and legs helps burn your consuming calories and you are able to control your weight which leads to a good figure and a healthy body and to be away from disease. Regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day will also create a better mood because the pituitary gland will release a happy endorphin hormone. That’s why we will feel good with positive energy after exercising. 

Apply all those tips to gain positive angles of your life. Don’t let negative force drag yourself down. Try to change your thoughts and twist them to positive sides, and you’ll be able to get over challenges or dreadful matters at the end.


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