Had a COVID but recovered. Can live a normal life right away?

While a lot of people have tried to prevent them from becoming infected with COVID 19, there are several unfortunate people who have been infected, but in the end, good luck until the illness disappeared. But there are still many questions about people who have been infected that many people still suspect. Both those who have been sick themselves and those around them may still be worried and afraid that those who have already said that they have recovered will be safe with those around them or not. Or can spread the infection further People who have been sick have questions about whether they can get back again or not. How should they act? When will you be able to return to normal life?

As of today, medical research has not been confirmed yet, but there are some studies on this subject as follows:


If we don’t have a fever or have no symptoms, are we still infected?


There is a high possibility that those who have a fever or without symptoms will still have the infection in the body. This is something that needs to be studied for a while. But a little research data from Germany found that the COVID-19 infection for the first 10 days, patients recovering symptoms are not severe. Found that the infection in the body is lower than when the infection was first detected. While some patients appear to have improved symptoms but after returning to get sick again. Dr. Chris Gough, the anesthetist from Oxford, England, is a Twitter publisher about the terrifying symptoms that"Day 6, the sick person feels better. But after that, he could sleep on the sofa for an hour Until not wanting to leave the house " Which means that the symptoms can swing back and forth. While 4 experts belonging to Wuhan Hospital Said that the virus will remain in the body of those who have disappeared for another two weeks. After that, if the patient does not have a cough or sneezing that is considered a characteristic of transmission, it may mean that it cannot be transmitted again. But a recent study published in The Lancet Medical Journal states that a Chinese patient who has been infected for 37 days is higher than the average of the disease, which is 24 days. Therefore, it is still not possible. Clearly tell if people who appear to have normal symptoms still have the infection in the body or not.

If it has caught a COVID-19, can it be repeated?

When infected with Covid-19 and it gone and completely healed, meaning the body can build immunity to fight for a while or built continuously. However, recurrent infections were found in a 40-year-old Japanese woman licensed from Osaka Hospital to go home. And found the case of the passenger of Diamond Princess and another South Korean citizen. But the worry is 14% of cases of patients returning for the treatment of COVID-19 in Guangdong province, China. However, it is not clear whether the infection will be repeated. Because I didn't check and confirmation or even may have an error in the examination. Or it may be because the virus stopped working for a moment and hasn't really disappeared. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is still unable to clearly summarize. Which must be studied further. As for other health effects, It was observed that the patients, Covid-19 Will have reduced lung capacity and hospitals in Hong Kong found that Two-thirds of patients have reduced lung function by 20-30%, but some can be treated with physical therapy.

Once healed, how long does the immune COVID-19 last?

"If a general infection the body is immune to the virus. "Dr. Keiji Fukuda, director of the Hong Kong Medical School, said in The LA Time "If you must repeatedly become infected, it is abnormal. Except that the function of the human immune system Is not working properly. " But for COVID-19, the answer is still very vague. Someone tried to answer this question by analyzing the SARS-CoV2 serum and COVID disease. But that still does not specify much. Because there has not been any human testing yet. But in general, if the illness is recovered, the body will build immunity from returning to the disease like measles. Or chickenpox

The use of plasma recovered from patients in the treatment of COVID

Dr. Yong Phuworawan Head of Clinical Virology Specialization Center Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post the importance of plasma. With content as follows: The use of plasma or lymph of the person who recovered from the disease to treat patients with severe symptoms from the same infection. Has been done for a long time. In the outbreak of new diseases such as the era of SARS, MERS, Ebola. And likewise, it has been used to treat critically ill-COVID-19 diseases in China. There are reports in journals that are known to be effective in treatment, such as in the Journal of Chest, JAMA, etc. Therefore, in the plasma collection process, volunteers who have been infected with Covid-19 said that while donations were not found in the blood. And from the neck tag, including the immunity measurement Against cattle Completely recovered from the said ailment. By following the standards of the US CDC with an immunity level greater than or equal to 1: 320.

In this project, the National Blood Center will be a mainstay in cooperation with the Center for Clinical Virology. Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University and Mahidol University. The resulting plasma will be a quality plasma that can be used to treat COVID-19. Therefore, people who are infected or ill from Covid-19 disease are invited and registered to receive a screening test. At the National Blood Center To donate plasma.

In which the plasma is stored To be used as a cure for Covid-19 Donors Must be a person who has been discharged from the hospital and has been certified as well Have a healthy body for at least 14 days after leaving the hospital No vaccine was detected from the neck and in the blood. Age between 17 and 60 years and weighing over 50 kilograms.

If the symptoms are normal, then when can return to normal life

The last thing the world wants to know is If we have a disease from Covid-19 And all symptoms returned to normal and then returned to work When can you return to normal life? The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that patients can leave the hospital and return to normal life when

  • No fever is detected for 3 days

  • No respiratory symptoms such as coughing or sneezing for 7 days

  • Test results confirmed by swab test * negative 2 times

Note * Swab Test is a test using a cotton swab to sweep the secretions of patients according to the doctor's diagnosis.

Therefore, before returning to normal life, all these tests must be recovered and ready to return to work, which must be followed only by a doctor's order. In practice, many governments and companies continue to work at home or continue detention for at least 14 days. Most patients infected with Covid-19 Will be able to recover completely to normal However, those who are ill having to be careful to show responsibility to society as well.