3 steps to clean cash reducing the risk of COVID-19

In this situation If financial transactions or expenses are needed, using Mobile Banking like the SCB EASY App is the most recommended way. Because aside from being convenient, it is also safe and not risking dirty cash. That can be a source of accumulating pathogens. However, if really cannot avoid Must be used carefully and cleaned Can help one part

From past research Found that other strains of the coronavirus SARS and MERS can live on surfaces such as metals, glass, and plastics for up to 9 days. Or may stay for almost a month at low temperatures or with appropriate relative humidity. As for our country, the weather is quite hot. The virus may, therefore, be on the surface like paper and coins for less than 9 days, but as a precaution. Therefore, must prevent the cash we take to become a spread media. By washing your hands after every cash touch Including increasing peace of mind for yourself and your family with the following simple cash cleaning methods


  1. Separating the cash that is prepared to spend with the commissions by separating it into a sealed container and can be washed and cleaned, such as a plastic box with a lid

  2. The cash box that we have stored If there is a lot and it is difficult to bring it to clean, we may use methods that the Bank of Thailand uses. That is, to hold banknotes in good condition that were circulated back 14 days before use.

  3. The cash just received shortly Recommend cleaning with 3 steps as follows

Steps to clean coins

  1. Wash with soap and water or dishwashing liquid thoroughly.
  2. Use a towel to dry the coins one by one
  3. Dry in the sun until completely dry on both sides. To prevent the metal in the coin from reacting with oxygen and moisture in the air Because it can cause black coins to stain

Steps to clean banknotes

This method, Facebook, banknotes, all matters Bank of Thailand Introduced the simple steps to clean banknotes as follows

  1. Unfold the notes one by one. Then wash with soap/dish soap or baby laundry detergent Do not soak for a long time because it can affect the paper texture
  2. Use the cloth to dry one by one.
  3. Sunlight until completely dry on both sides before storing it in a dry and closed container.

In addition to the above methods of cleaning banknotes, We may use the method of wiping with 70% alcohol or disinfectant that is not too strong one at a time. Then put in the sun to dry completely but the thing that should not be done to clean banknotes is Microwaving, boiling, using detergent or bleach Because it will cause the banknotes to become damaged and cannot be used again

If finding old or damaged banknotes Able to keep in a bag completely Can deposit to the bank Which the bank will send to the banknote management center Bank of Thailand to proceed to the destruction process.

However, emphasizing that an alternative that helps us reduce unnecessary cash exposure Using electronic payment systems such as SCB EASY App, debit or credit cards Is better for life