Social distance is not a big deal. If our hearts are close

Social distancing is a new term that Thai people are not familiar with. Just heard it often It was during this time that the outbreak of COVID-19 made me think of a phrase that is often jokingly saying "stay away from worry" or "miss but without expression" would probably explain the definition of social distance keeping. Or Social Distancing as well

For those who like staying at home Didn't really go out anywhere Being at home is not a difficult matter. But with the work from home measures to reduce the COVID infection, causing many people to feel frustrated without telling Because he didn't leave the house at all Including the closing of shopping malls, community places, fitness centers, entertainment venues, hair salons, massage shops, etc. Even though restaurants must be bought back only Most people would just have a flea market near their home or a car that drives around. It is like the only delightful place to relax and go out and buy some fresh produce, vegetables, and fruits to keep as home supplies.


When most people have to stay at home for a long time Often spend their free time eating online news or most major media like public TV The more following the news, the number of people infected with the increase, as with a chain that does not seem to run out easily. Like money in our pockets Causing some people to feel that the disease is too close to the close of the eyelashes Many people are preparing provisions for rice and dry food because they do not know whether to spread to the point of closing the city or not. Some stock up on alcohol masks, hand washing gel, antiseptic in which these products become items that everyone must strive to buy and possess

Although in the beginning there will be some hoarding news about the mask. But there is still news that makes us smile, which is that most people donate money to hospitals that lack Both medical devices and equipment needed for medical personnel Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Some skilled craftsmen use Face Shield to sew shoes. Send to the hospital Some people write postcards to send support to doctors and nurses. While inventors come up with new ideas for making medical devices using home materials. To help the chef's life, doctors, nurses, and staff Including the invention of a screening cabinet for infected people Some people even design the miserable car. Covid-19 bed for patients as for the educational institutions, they use engineering knowledge to produce ventilator innovations. While some food sellers or restaurants Help each other make lunch boxes at the hospital Some stores give away free lunch boxes for unemployed people. Some places send free lunch boxes for people to be detained for 14 days. Even those who are fishermen also cook seafood to hospitals in the province. While the business owners of hotels or apartments near the hospital Then use the place as a shelter for medical personnel Free food and laundry services are also provided. The landlord provides the tenants who are in trouble for free for 3 months.

The petrol station sets up a free alcohol gel filling point. Financial institutions issue measures to assist customers in the Covid-19 period Underwear factories, shirts, change production belts to make a mask to meet the needs. For the affected business people, for example, there are many hotels that do not pay. But there are ideas to help employees use the hotel kitchen to sell food in various locations as an income to compensate for the missing wage While the government has issued water-fire measures And measures to support 5,000 baht to encourage people who lack income. These are just a few reflections of the generosity of Thai people that are not divided into status or class. These messages are the only thing that can make our hearts smile. Because regardless of how serious the country encounters If Thai people love each other Help generously to each other Believe that the country will be able to overcome this epidemic crisis. Because physical distance is not a big deal If our hearts are close to each other.