12 tips for how to run to be "lean" , learn and tell others!

Many people are thinking of wanting to lose weight, but they are not sure if running will help them lose weight or not. Because some said that they ran at the beginning the weight was reduced, but after running for a long time, the weight was not going to drop again, eventually causing it to stop running. In fact, running is a multi-muscular exercise that helps bring out more energy than any other exercise. But why when running for a long time the weight does not decrease again. The answer is because no matter what type of exercise is but if you repeat the same pattern for a long time the body will begin to remain or get used to it and no more development. So, when you run for a while until you start to get used to it, you should adjust the way you run to stimulate burns more energy with the following tips.

1. Change running distance or change running time

Because if running the same distance and at the same time, your body learns how to use the least amount of energy in order to run as efficiently as possible, thus creating a steady weight. For example, running 5 kilometers per hour changed to running 7 kilometers an hour. Can increase the metabolic rate by 2 times

2. Run faster and further

For example, if you normally run 3 times a week for 5 kilometers and a speed of 8 kilometers per hour. If you want to lose even more weight, an easy way is to speed it up at a level your body can handle. Or running at the same speed but prolong the time Without you feeling too hard or too tired.

3. Run at a speed that is appropriate for your body

This will be the best weight loss run because it doesn't make you feel so tired that your body can't handle it so it can burn your energy well. Rather than running so fast that you can't breathe, which does not cause any weight loss

4. Run multiple forms in a mix

Without any type of running for too long, for example, in a week, long runs (2 days of long runs), 2 days of light and heavy (Interval) and run at a consistent speed (Tempo Runs) 3 days. It will help the body to develop and cause continuous weight loss.

5. Run light and heavy

It will help you lose weight in the long term. Because regular running will only help burn energy during running. But if running light and hard the body will continue to burn after running as well.
For example, running at a normal speed of 1 kilometer and running at a maximum speed of 10 seconds alternately and so on. Until you reach the target distance set.

6. Run with the right amount of time

Sprint The body will draw sugar in the blood to be used as energy for about 15 minutes. Then the body will pull the fat to burn. Therefore, if you stop running too fast, your fat will not be burned not as much as it should. Therefore, there should be at least 30 minutes of running a day.

7.  Run regularly

By finding your own middle path, such as 3 days, 5 days a week, or every other day, it will help to run sustainably and see results in the long run. For people who are just starting to lose weight Do not overdo it Because it will make you feel tired, bored, discouraged, and eventually give up

8.  Weight training along with running

Weight training helps to strengthen your muscles, if done properly will keep your body in shape. It helps to strengthen and increase muscle mass, which is good for weight loss because the more muscles you have, the more you burn. Plus, you can burn all the time, even when you sleep. And helps to run more endurance.

9. Switch to another type of exercise

Don't stick to running alone. Because it allows the body to train more and more forms Make you feel bored and can also help to rest your legs to restore the body Makes you feel more relaxed

10.  Wear appropriate running clothes 

Can help increase the metabolic rate. Your body normally burns fat most effectively when your body temperature increases by 1 degree. Therefore, choosing the right running clothing that can heat the skin well, not absorbing too much sweat, can also influence weight loss.

11.  Diet

if running without dieting, it will not be thin at all. Avoid foods that are high in fat, sugar, lower in carbohydrates. Add lots of protein and vegetables. And you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to help your metabolism work better.

12.  Get enough rest 

Sleep will allow the body to fully repair and recover itself. Too little sleep can affect weight loss as well.


Running can lose weight, and it can also be effective for a long time. Knowing the secret to run will be successful and you'll be able to see results without knowing the right techniques and you'll never go back to getting fat again. Even if you take good care of your health, you can get sick whenever you want, so you should have health insurance with you, so you won't have a hard time paying for your medical expenses.